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Thursday, March 01, 2007

What about personal responsibility?

Originally posted at Right Truth

Big_mac Governments now want to decide what we can eat, drink, read, watch, and probably soon, what we can wear. I want to know whatever happened to personal responsibility? It's not the government's place to decide these things for us, or for our children.

Take Connor McCreaddie, an 8 year old who weighs 99kg (217.8 pounds) and lives in London. The government has met with his parents to discuss his weight and what should be done about it. The government will make a decision 'on whether to take the boy away from his mother'. I wondered how long it would take for this to come to the United States. I heard on Fox News about a young girl in the same situation as Connor McDreaddie, but I can't find a source to back it up.

Girl_scout_cookies Yesterday I heard about efforts to ban Girl Scout Cookies.

The Milburn-based organization National Action Against Obesity called for a boycott this year, claiming Do-Si-Dos and Samoas are contributing to the country's obesity epidemic.

"Using young girls as a front to push millions of cookies onto an already bloated population further exacerbates an alarming crisis, no matter how cute the uniforms are," says NAAO President MeMe Roth in a press release. (Courier Post Online)

Good grief Charlie Brown. What are these people thinking. One site offers advice on how to consume Girl Scout Cookies 'moderately'. Girl Scouts is an excellent organization for girls, teaching them life skills and the cookie drive is considered a valuable "business leadership model for girls".

Some restaurants and fast food places have negative images now because some of their food contains trans-fats and you might gain weight if you eat too much. Should the government be telling restaurants what they can and can't serve to the public? Shouldn't the public have the right to choose?

In the United States of America you can 'choose' to kill an unborn baby, but you can't 'choose' to eat something greasy if you want?

I think parents should have the right to educate, feed, clothe, entertain their children without the government butting in. Just my opinion.

Yes there are health issues, the cost of health insurance, etc. But I think the government is getting way too big for it's britches.

If one can describe the state of politics in the United States as encompassing one single theme, it would be theme of government intervention into the lives of its citizens. The debate has raged since the fiery genesis of this great experiment in self-government, it has been defined as the engine that drove the country to civil war, and it is a debate still raging. The irony, of course, is that today’s debate has turned topsy-turvy. Those who traditionally fought against government intrusion into their personal lives are now at the forefront of the movement defending that very intrusion, ... (American Chronicle)

What say you?