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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Good News From Iraq Part #27--Its Official

Jules Crittenden started my day out with a smile by showing us that even the AP cannot deny the success the new strategy is seeing in Iraq.

The Money Quote:

… we can win in Iraq, we are winning in Iraq, and George Bush’s surge strategy is responsible for it. Not even the AP can ignore it* anymore:

The LA Times is also reporting that the insurgents are turning against al-Qaeda, I gather they finally got tired of al-Qaeda playing both ends against the middle.

BAGHDAD — Insurgent leaders and Sunni Arab politicians say divisions between insurgent groups and Al Qaeda in Iraq have widened and have led to combat in some areas of the country, a schism that U.S. officials hope to exploit.

The Sunni Arab insurgent leaders said they disagreed with the leadership of Al Qaeda in Iraq over tactics, including attacks on civilians, as well as over command of the movement.

U.S. Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad, on his last day in Iraq, said Monday that American officials were actively pursuing negotiations with the Sunni factions in an effort to further isolate Al Qaeda.

"Iraqis are uniting against Al Qaeda," Khalilzad said. "Coalition commanders have been able to engage some insurgents to explore ways to collaborate in fighting the terrorists."

Insurgent leaders from two of the prominent groups fighting U.S. troops said the divisions between their forces and Al Qaeda were serious. They have led to skirmishes in Al Anbar province, in western Iraq, and have stopped short of combat in Diyala, east of Baghdad, they said in interviews with the Los Angeles Times.

This is good news to say the least except for those that are actively hoping for us to lose the war on terror.

So, while Congress and the Senate are doing everything in their power to force us into defeat, we have General Petraeus running a counterinsurgency operation that has seen success since the day it began.

Some of the other successes and progress over the last few days:


RAMADI, IRAQ-Iraqi Police apprehended a suicide truck bomber and captured his vehicle, containing a large quantity of chlorine and explosives, when it failed to detonate in Ramadi March 23.

At approximately 1:30 p.m., a white cargo truck came to a halt near the entrance to the Jezeera police station, located about 150 meters from a water treatment plant. The police approached the truck for further investigation and detained the driver when they discovered the truck was rigged with explosives and the driver was attempting to detonate the vehicle.

Upon further investigation, the truck contained an unknown number of 55-gallon drums, which were used to camouflage five 1000-gallon barrels filled with chlorine and more than two tons of explosives.


MAHMUDIYAH, Iraq — Iraqi and coalition forces detained 62 suspected terrorists, discovered four improvised explosive devices and found a massive weapons cache in the Mahmudiyah, Iraq area near the Al QaQaa Weapons Facility March 23.

Soldiers from the 1st Battalion, 4th Brigade, 6th Iraqi Army Division, the 2nd Battalion, 15th Field Artillery Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry), the 1st Squadron, 89th Cavalry Regiment’s advisory team, also of the 2nd BCT detained the suspected terrorists and found the weapons cache during Operation Eagle Dive, an operation intended to disrupt anti-Iraqi forces within the 2-15 FA area of operations.

During the operation, Soldiers discovered a series of small caches and consolidated it into one massive cache.

Read the rest...


BAGHDAD, IRAQ - A Coalition Forces air strike killed three terrorists Saturday and 12 other suspects were captured during operations targeting al-Qaeda in Iraq and foreign fighter facilitators.

During an operation in a rural area southeast of Ar Rutbah, Coalition Forces attempted to detain four armed terrorists. One terrorist detonated an explosive device killing himself. The other three attempted to escape in a vehicle. Determining hostile intent, Coalition Forces engaged the vehicle with precision fires from a fixed wing aircraft killing the three armed men. Coalition Forces found a suicide vest, grenades and multiple weapons during a search of the scene. No civilians or friendly forces were injured during the operation.

In Mosul, Coalition Forces captured nine suspected terrorists with alleged involvement in foreign fighter facilitation and weapons distribution.

Two suspects were captured in Baghdad with reported ties to vehicle-borne improvised explosive device manufacturing.

A suspected al-Qaeda in Iraq courier was also detained east of Balad.

The good news continues, much to the dismay and complete denial of the Democrats in Congress and the Senate.

The releases can all be found over at Centcom, all you have to do is look everyday to see the continued success that our military and coalition forces are seeing.

I want to end this post with what I see as a very important indication that Iraq can and will do as President Bush has stated dozens of times, become capable of sustaining and defending itself, but MOST importantly, instead of becoming a safe haven for terrorists, they will be a tremendous asset in helping with our fight against terror.

They are already doing so.


BAGHDAD, Iraq - The Central Criminal Court of Iraq (CCCI) convicted 25 individuals from March 11 - 17, for violations of the Iraqi Terrorist Law, Penal Code and Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) Orders enforced by the Iraqi judiciary.

The trial court sentenced four individuals to death Mar. 14 after being found guilty of violation 4/1 of the Iraqi Terrorist Law. The four individuals were apprehended Jan. 4 by Multi-National Forces.

Multi-National Forces found an anti-tank mine near one of the convicted individual's vehicle and a video camera and video tape in the vehicle's glove compartment showing the convicted individuals making Improved Explosive Devices. Detailed instructions on how to use a sniper rifle and scope were also found. Two of the convicted individuals told Multi-National Forces they were paid to emplace IEDs.

CCCI sentenced another individual to death Mar. 11 after being found guilty of violation 4/1 of the Iraqi Terrorist Law. The convicted individual was apprehended in Fallujah Dec. 18, 2006 after the individual and two insurgents attacked an Iraqi Police Recruiting Center with Rocket Propelled Grenades and a PKM machine gun. After a small arms firefight, where the two insurgents were killed and the convicted individual was injured, the convicted individual was apprehended. Iraqi Police discovered two RPG launchers, two RPGs and one PKM machine gun.

The trial court also sentenced another individual to death on Mar. 15 after being found guilty of violation 4/1 of the Iraqi Terrorist Law.

The convicted individual was apprehended by Multi-National Forces and Iraqi Police near Al Rutba Dec. 9, 2006. After searching the individual's vehicle, Iraqi Police found four feet of detonation cord, ten electric blasting caps, sixteen 120mm mortars and two 155mm explosive mortar projectiles.

Ten individuals were convicted Mar. 11 - 17 for possessing illegal weapons in violation of CPA Order 3/2003. The convicted received sentences ranging from one to 30 years imprisonment.

Six individuals were convicted for possessing illegal weapons in violation of 27/3 of the Iraqi Weapons Law. The convicted received sentences ranging from a 100,000 dinar fine to 15 years imprisonment.

The remaining three individuals were found guilty of violation 4/1 of the Iraqi Terrorist Law, violation 10/1 of the Iraqi Passport Law and violation of Article 430 of the Iraqi Penal Law. The convicted individuals were sentenced to 10 years, 15 years and one year imprisonment respectively.

Since its establishment under an amendment to CPA Order 13, in April 2004, the Central Criminal Court has held 1,965 trials for suspected criminals apprehended by Coalition Forces. The Iraqi Court proceedings have resulted in the conviction of 1,706 individuals with sentences ranging from fines to imprisonment to death.

This, to me, is by far the best indication that should we work towards victory and finish helping Iraq in their reconstruction efforts, they will be one hell of a partner against terror.

The far left Liberals, the Democratic party, for the most part, and even some white flag Republicans have staked their careers on a bet that we will fail in Iraq... I said once before, betting against America and our fine military is a VERY bad idea!!!!

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