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Monday, March 12, 2007

The Latest on Liberals Eating Their Own

[Updates below]

This is almost like watching one party continually attacking another party, but it is the two faces of the Democrats. It is democrats attacking each other.

The far left liberal democrats attack the moderates and the moderates attack the far left liberals, and not just the politicians either. We are now starting to see the liberal based news outlets, basically, attacking the far left liberal Dems also.

First we had David Obey which I show the video and provide the transcript to here, and today I see a story over at memeorandum about presidential candidate, Dennis Kucinich, calling out the "run and hide" candidates that refuse to have their debate on fox news.

AUSTIN (TX) -- The cancellation in the past two days of two planned nationally televised debates because of candidates’ “scheduling conflicts” and unwillingness to participate smacks of “manipulation by some candidates who would rather run and hide than defend their records and their positions on the war,” Ohio Congressman and Democratic Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich said today while campaigning in Texas.

Widely publicized Presidential debates in New Hampshire in April and in Nevada in August were cancelled after some candidates either backed out after agreeing to participate or declined invitations to attend.

“Whatever their excuses, some candidates are clearly trying to avoid any head-to-head public debate where they will have to answer tough questions -- questions about their votes in favor of the Iraq war, their votes in favor of trade policies that have wiped out millions of American jobs, their votes in favor of abridging Constitutional rights by approving the Patriot Act, and their collaboration with insurance companies and pharmaceutical corporations to deny Americans adequate health care protection.”

Kucinich said “it’s an insult to the voters, and the height of cynicism, for candidates to refuse to take the public stage and subject themselves to public scrutiny.”

The New Hampshire debate was announced on January 12. Only two days ago, Kucinich pointed out, did some candidates back out because of “scheduling conflicts.”

“Is it possible that the real conflict was having to take the stage to defend their votes to fund the war?” Kucinich asked. Votes in the House and the Senate on a $100 billion supplemental appropriation are expected soon.

Other candidates were trying to sidestep the Nevada debate because they claimed that the sponsoring television network, Fox News Channel, was conservatively biased.

“If you want to be the President of the United States, you can’t be afraid to deal with people with whom you disagree politically,” Kucinich said. “No one is further removed from Fox’s political philosophy than I am, but fear should not dictate decisions that affect hundreds of millions of Americans and billions of others around the world who are starving for real leadership.”

Kucinich said “the public deserves honest, open, and fair public debate, and the media have a responsibility to demand that candidates come forward now, before the next war vote in Congress, to explain themselves.”

“I’m prepared to discuss the war, health care, trade, or any other issue anytime, anywhere, with any audience, answering any question from any media. And any candidate who won’t shouldn’t be President of the United States.”

Wow. Good for him.

Then I see the LA Times, a paper that usually bashes Bush on a regular basis actually asking if our country really needs a "General Pelosi"?

AFTER WEEKS OF internal strife, House Democrats have brought forth their proposal for forcing President Bush to withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq by 2008. The plan is an unruly mess: bad public policy, bad precedent and bad politics. If the legislation passes, Bush says he'll veto it, as well he should.

It was one thing for the House to pass a nonbinding vote of disapproval. It's quite another for it to set out a detailed timetable with specific benchmarks and conditions for the continuation of the conflict. Imagine if Dwight Eisenhower had been forced to adhere to a congressional war plan in scheduling the Normandy landings or if, in 1863, President Lincoln had been forced by Congress to conclude the Civil War the following year. This is the worst kind of congressional meddling in military strategy.

Read the rest....

The clowns really are running the show these days and it is being noticed by everyone, including members of their own party.

They promised a cleaner congress, and we needed it, but we haven't gotten it. First Pelosi tries to strongarm and threaten her own party over the Murtha/Hoyer Debacle in which her party publicly spanked and embarrassed her.

Then they promised an end to pork barrel policies and bills and then she stuffs the War Funding full of got it!!!! PORK!!!!!

It goes on and on and the reason is that the democrats are divided sharply between the moderate blue dogs and the ultra liberal far left yellow dogs.

A shrink for all of them might help, but would limit the extreme entertainment they have been giving quite a few of us...the problem is: No matter how entertaining, our soldiers lives are being played with by them, their funds and their morale are being used in a political ping pong game between moderate dems and far left dems.

This needs to stop.

The Moderate Voice has a piece up about endangered moderates...go read it, it is good.

WSJ has an article showing how the corruption that was shown on the exit polls of last Novembers elections to be the number one concern among voters... hasn't changed one iota, despite all the campaign promises from Pelosi and crew. They made sure to leave loopholes.

This is also a severe problem on local levels, this battle between moderate democrats and far left "progressive" liberal democrats as we see with Faultline USA's promised followup from yesterdays "Extreme Left Hijacking Local Democratic Party Chairs", two must read pieces to understand the level of hatred that is becoming apparent between the two factions of the democratic party.

Since Faultline explains that this is something that they want seen by as many people as possible, I am going to cross post the entire article here.

Today I will present examples from two adjacent Texas counties: Parker County and Wise County. To avoid any confusion between organizations mentioned below, please note that those organizations or PACs which have included in their names or descriptions the words “Active,” or “Reformers,” or “TRUE Democrats,” or “grassroots activists,” are representing the extreme “Populist Progressive” left.

This is an excerpt from a March 10, 2007 e-mail from the Wise County Texas Democratic Party Chair, Brenda Rankin, regarding the attempted take over of both the Parker County and Wise County Democratic Party by the far left. The letter was sent by Ms. Rankin to the Texas County Chairs. Ms. Rankin asked that her e-mail be circulated. Ms. Rankin attended the “illegal” Parker County meeting.

Dear Fellow County Chairs,
Is the hi-jacking of the Parker County Democratic Party executive committee meeting, March 5, 2007, by Don Young, Parker County Active Democrats President, and five other Precinct chairs (members of the Parker County Active Democrats), supported by Parker County Active Democrats members, Wise County Active Democrats and Tarrant County “reformers, TRUE Democrats or grassroots activists”, a first attempt of an organized effort or example on how self proclaimed “Populist Progressives” can “take over” targeted local parties? County Chair Dick Yoder, the presiding officer of the County Executive Committee, was not allowed to preside over the meeting called by written demand of one-fourth of the members. Don Young, precinct chair and President of the Parker County Active Democrats presided over the meeting making it illegal and all actions taken null and void. . . . (continued excerpts from this letter are at the end of this post)

The following is an excellent summary of that illegal March 5th Parker County meeting written by Harold W. Lawrence, President of Organization of Parker County Democrats (OPCD). OPCD is a PAC affiliated with the Parker County Democratic Party. PCAD, on the other hand, is the Parker County Active Democrats which is attempting to take over the Parker County Democratic Party. Bold highlights have been added by me.

Cloaked in religion and patriotism, the announced called meeting of the Democratic Party County Executive Committee tried to meet at the 20th Century Club building on South Main Street in Weatherford at 7 p.m. March 5, 2007. The meeting had been properly requested by written demand with the required number of Parker County Democratic precinct chairs and was called by Precinct Chairs Darwin Yeary, Jolanta Little, Geneva Carter, James Parris, Don Young and Francine Carter.

The “cloak” of religion and patriotism came from the back of the room when Darwin Yeary (he did not identify himself) rose to the microphone and began to pray, asking the Lord’s blessing on the meeting and ended with a pledge of allegiance to the flag. Then all hell broke loose and anarchy prevailed—the cloak was thrown aside; the monster emerged.

Following a rumor circulating in the room that the County Chair would not be allowed to chair the CEC meeting, Freda Burks, President of the Springtown Area Democratic Women, approached the lectern where three rather solemn men armed with determination stood. Holding a copy of the meetings format published by the Democratic Party of Texas, Ms. Burks pointed out that Dick Yoder was the legally designated chair of the meeting. What followed was a disputation between the men. Don Young, President of the Parker County Active Democrats and one of the current precinct chairs, and Carmon Carter, Vice President of PCAD, responded with the statement that they called the meeting, they paid for the meeting, and they were going to run the meeting. When faced again with the waving of the rule book, their response was this is a local issue and state rules don’t apply. At this point Dick Yoder announced “this is an illegal meeting,” and he left the room followed by most of the precinct chairs and a substantial number of the audience there to observe. Remaining in the room were members of PCAD and guests from out of county. More precinct chairs left than remained, and by no means was there the required number of precinct chairs remaining to constitute a quorum for electing precinct chairs.

Don Young was heard to say, “What do we do now? We don’t have a quorum.” Carmon Carter replied, “we’ll just go on with the meeting.”

Those walking out the door met face to face with Hal Ray, SDEC Committeeman of Dist 30, who was about to enter the building. He stopped short before entering the building and remained in the parking lot with those who walked.

And go on with the meeting they did. Helen Parks read the minutes of the previous CEC meeting and reported that Jolanta Little offered involved corrections to the minutes which those in the room voted to affirm. Ms. Little was subsequently elected secretary of the CEC. According to a blog posted on the internet the next day, those precinct chairs remaining in the room elected 16 precinct chairs, a treasurer, and resolved to hire a CPA to audit the accounts of the Parker County Democratic Chair.

Meanwhile outside of the meeting, Brian Pendleton from the State Democratic Party office in Austin arrived to observe the meeting. When he found Dick Yoder and others in the parking lot and learned of what was going on, his immediate response was to call Ken Bailey, legal counsel for the state Democratic Party, who confirmed that the meeting that was taking place was in fact an illegal meeting.

The ploy of having everyone sign a roster upon entering the building was apparently designed to provide proof that there was the necessary quorum to conduct legal business in the name of the party. Most of those who left the meeting, however, crossed their name off the list upon leaving. No more than seven or eight legitimate precinct chairs (including Jimmy Kayes and Helen Parks remained inside for the meeting that took place.) Both of them left without voting, according to them. Dick Yoder and those who walked, walked before any meeting was called to order by anyone.

Following the meeting, there were proposals for mediating the differences and resolving the conflict laid bare in the course of the evening. My name was mentioned as one who should be a principal in the mediation process. Let me state clearly: I am not a precinct chair and therefore was at the meeting only as an observer. Furthermore, as President of the Organization of Parker County Democrats I have pledged to support the Democratic Party of Parker County and Dick Yoder as the duly elected Democratic Chairman of Parker County has my full support in this matter. The actions of Don Young, Carmon Carter and their supporters on these issues were not pious nor patriotic, nor democratic, nor legal; they are reprehensible.

The following is the continued excerpt from the Wise County Chair, Brenda Rankin’s e-mail, referencing the leftist agitators at the February 20, 2007 Executive Committee meeting of the Wise County Democrats. Note that the reference to “blogging” is about Sharon Wilson’s (TXSharon) multiple blogs on Texas Kaos, the Daily Kos, and other leftist blogging diary sites such as MyDD.

At the February 20, 2007 Executive Committee meeting in Wise County, a group of the Wise County Active Democrats, were called out of order many times during the meeting, during the time Chairman Boyd Richie spoke and answered questions. When the meeting adjourned, Sharon Wilson, screamed “If this is what you want, I will keep blogging. You will have to KILL me to stop me from blogging.” She screamed and shouted outside the private dining room inside K-Bob’s restaurant at Brian Pendelton and Mark York, the Wise County Democratic Party V. Chair. Wise County Active Democrats were present at the meeting to actively support the hi-jacking of the meeting and were allowed to speak without being called out of order as was done to Freda Burke, a duly elected precinct chair. There is something wrong when outside political grassroots activists (Sharon Wilson and Traci Smith) are allowed to speak but a duly elected official (Freda Burks) was denied a right to speak. It is called “anarchy”. . .

Here Ms. Rankin continues discussing the “illegal” Parker County meeting.

It is not only unbelievable but it is unthinkable that a group of Democrats blame their elected County Chair and elected precinct chairs for being the Party out of office in their county and their state. It is unbelievable that a group would be so obsessed with being precinct chairs but fail to file to run for precinct chair. It is unbelievable that Don Young would contact the TDP demanding Dick Yoder be removed from office, but not file to run for County Chair. It is unbelievable that people who have reached maturity enough to understand the “ballot box” is where we elect our leaders; not by hi-jacking a meeting and “take over” a Party. It is unbelievable that “herd mentality” would not respect the voter’s choice made in the March 7, 2006 primary that Dick Yoder, not Don Young, is the presiding officer of the ruling body of the Parker County Democratic Party. It is unbelievable the group thought their actions would stand or the sixteen precinct chairs illegally elected by only one quarter of the CEC is the democratic process. Parker County Democratic Party led by Dick Yoder and the majority of the precinct chairs protest of the meeting was an act of courage and a defining moment because Don Young and the other five precinct chairs in the meeting failed to carry out their duties and responsibilities to the Democratic Party. The only Party who wins by hi-jacking a meeting and not honoring the “ballot box” is the opposing Party in the county. That Party is the Parker County Republican Party and their favorite representative Phil King (also know as Tom Delay’s water boy).

The Texas Democratic Party will not let this action stand and must do more to support the local Democratic Party and elected County Chairs and precinct chairs from grassroots activists who have gotten completely out of control. I’m calling on you as a leader in our Party to support us in Parker County, Wise County and other counties where the County Chair is under attack by activists “reformers” who will follow the example set by Don Young and Sharon Wilson in Parker and Wise County.

If you become aware of similar situations where you live please go public and share that information.

Locally it is being seen all around the country. The moderates were "used" to obtain the majority and now the far left liberals have no further use for the blue dogs of their party....they forget that without them, they will lose this majority in a second flat.

They have a serious internal problem that has nothing to do with Iraq and everything to do with their politics... they truly should be two separate parties.

[UPDATE] 11:00am- Seems the anti-war left is attacking...the anti-war left also.

Pelosi Wakes Up To Protest Outside SF Home
Protesters Say They Plan To Spend Night There

SAN FRANCISCO -- House Speaker Nancy Pelosi left for Washington Monday morning as peace activists who marched across the Golden Gate Bridge remained outside her San Francisco home, demanding that Congress stop funding the war in Iraq.

Pelosi did not make any comments to the protesters as she departed her Pacific Heights residence.

She told reporters, "My home is my home."


On Wednesday, about 20 demonstrators gathered outside Pelosi's San Francisco office -- but before they could enter, a staff member ushered the group down to a conference room seven floors below, where many voiced frustration that Pelosi was not being aggressive enough in seeking an end to the war.

"They're continuing to fund the war, and it's ridiculous if you say you're against the war to keep funding it," Blome, a 51-year-old El Cerrito resident, said of Congressional Democrats. "It's shocking how little the Democrats are doing to stop this war."

After crossing San Francisco's scenic span, protesters arrived at Pelosi's Pacific Heights home around 4 p.m. They say they will sit, stand, sing, chant, pray, ring bells, and read letters from American troops sent home to their families -- tactics used in similar events with other politicians.

Organizers count more than 140 arrests so far nationwide. Most involve charges of trespassing or disorderly conduct.

HEY DEMS!!!!!! The world is watching, in case you didn't get the memo!!!

[Update #2] 11:08am- Don Surber makes some of the same points but he does it more elequently...go read.

Meanwhile, the grown-ups are in charge again at the LA Times, which editorialized today, “Do we really need a Gen. Pelosi?” Gee, she’s getting it from both the left and the Left.

Also stop by Jules Crittenden's site for more.

Check out further discussions about this at memeorandum, from the left and the right....OH and from the other left too.

Michelle Malkin points out that Pelosi's home should be off limits. I agree BUT she fully encouraged these people and to complain now that they have given her everything she wanted....well it is a little like Dr. Frankenstein complaining about the monster he made.

She helped create these monsters and now she has to deal with them.

[End Updates]



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