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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Nancy Pelosi: OINK OINK

Pork and Pigs. Pelosi and crew are the pigs and they are busy trying to bribe their way into getting votes using pork.


These extra completely unrelated pork barrel projects were sickening when the Republicans did it and are just as sickening now.

Democrats seeking votes for their Iraq-withdrawal plan have stuffed the bill it's in with billions of dollars for farms, flu preparedness, New Orleans levees, home heating and other causes.


Already, money in the bill not directly related to the war exceeds $20 billion.

The funding — ranging from $3.5 billion for medical care for veterans and active duty troops to $500 million in "emergency" money for a Western fire season that has yet to start — has raised hackles with Republicans who say Democrats are using the measure to muscle federal dollars back home.

"Wartime funding should be not used as a gravy train," said Senate GOP conservative Judd Gregg (news, bio, voting record) of New Hampshire.

But Gregg said the White House would be hard-pressed to veto the bill over the add-ons, and White House aides have conspicuously failed to issue one — though a veto promise hangs over the bill because of its higher-profile provisions setting a deadline for ending the U.S. military role in Iraq.

All told, farmers would get $4.3 billion in disaster aid, aimed chiefly at the drought-stricken Great Plains and California farmers hurt by a hard freeze earlier this year.

The drought disaster aid package has been scaled back, in part to make room for $74 million for a peanut storage program that pays storage and handling fees as farmers market their crop. And Rep. Sam Farr (news, bio, voting record), D-Calif., is pressing for $25 million for spinach farmers who pulled produce from market shelves after last year's E. coli outbreak.

They care so much about the troops huh?

Actions speak louder than words.

From TigerHawk:

As the linked article makes clear, the Democrats are spending billions of dollars -- $20 billion and counting -- for pork-barrel projects that could not pass otherwise in order to secure the votes necessary to force the United States to surrender in Iraq. Principle being an apparently insufficient basis for a vote on the future of a war, Democrats are, in effect, buying and selling the lives and limbs of American soldiers and countless Iraqis, the future of Iraq, the security of the Persian Gulf, and, possibly, the success of the long struggle against radical Islam. That is, frankly, disgusting even by Congressional standards.

I could not have said it better myself.

Disgusting worms they are proving themselves to be and I will repeat this: They are showing the American people as well as the world why they are not fit to handle our national security and they will see the results of actions like these in the next elections.

Getting stupidity such as this through congress and the senate will, indeed, be an uphill battle and I do not see it going anywhere..... remember the word VETO?

Try adding a certain withdrawal date and telegraphing it to our enemies by handing them a roadmap for THEIR success and that veto pen will strike them right in the heart.

From The Jawa Report:

it seems they have totally forgotten that a big part of their gains in November were related to pork barrel punishment of the Republicans. But now, “pay as you go”, means a slow letting of out troops' blood, transfused directly into the politicians’ pet projects! They picked up right where Tom Delay left off, only worse.

They will continue to play their games like children while our troops and our president continues to do what it takes to keep us safe as a country, but their actions will be documented and remembered to throw into their faces when the next elections come around.

In the meantime, PowerLine notices the political winds shifting on Iraqfrom the Democrats to the Republicans and Iraq hosts its conference in Baghdad.

However I do think the Baghdad conference will be significant in another aspect and this would be stressing the reality that Iraq is a state equal to her neighbors and that in Baghdad there is an elected government representative of its people.

Insisting that the conference be in Baghdad and not somewhere else kind of sends a message that Iraq is not anyone's backyard and the government is not a bunch of dissidents living in exile and our neighbors will have to recognize this reality.

All is not wine and roses in Iraq and no one claims it is, but we are seeing slow, steady progress, politics are taking form and for a government who has been in power for less than a year, they are doing pretty good and this new security plan, so far, is seeing tremendous successes.

After a whirlwind, two-day visit to Iraq, Gov. Janet Napolitano said U.S. officials are seeing progress in the country and that she is not yet ready to call for a troop withdrawal.

The Arizona Democrat offered a cautiously optimistic assessment of security in the country after "very frank" conversations with troops and briefings with Iraqi and U.S. officials, including Gen. David Petraeus, top U.S. military commander in Iraq.

Napolitano called troop morale very high among those she met at Balad Air Base and elsewhere, adding, "I think they're being used in some very worthy missions."

Face it, the Democrats cannot even agree on their own proposals without stuffing a ton of unrelated bribes into the fund and even then they may not have the votes.

The yellow Dems are useless and clueless and the moderates will have their hands full not following down the same path and losing their next elections.

For those on the far left, like DailyKos and a few others, how does it feel to know that while your party politicians are sucking up to you, when they are not aware of the fact that they are being recorded or filmed they call you folks "Liberal Idiots" and say YOU are screwing everything up? (Link is for transcript)

Feel good?

Sure amused the hell out of me.

Guess you are good enough to "use" but a pain in the ass otherwise.