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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Bush Hater Defends His Art

Bottom Line Up Front: A leftist anti-Bush zealot uses the 1st amendment as a moral diaper to defend his obscene "artwork".

California “artist” Michael McDonald's anti-Bush display in his front yard offended his neighbors so much that they called in the Secret Service, who paid him a visit. In the video below, McDonald whined about the Secret Service's involvement and attempted to defend his artwork:

Leftists bury personal responsibility and common decency beneath the cloak of the first amendment because it is the only way to legitimize their hatred and dysfunctional expressions. Whether burning a flag or admiring “Piss Christ”, leftist wackos cannot justify such artful expression by any other means but to say, “It’s protected by the 1st Amendment of the Constitution.” Their hate speech and lewd social/political commentary disguised as art adds nothing to society, dialogue or the common good and dilutes the meaning ofart itself. Instead, it enables leftists feel like they're getting away with something grand as they morph into egotistical superiority resembling that liberal icon Bill Clinton, who abused power just because he could.

Earlier this week when the Taliban attempted to assassinate Vice-President Dick Cheney, leftists could hardly contain their 1) joy that someone tried and 2) disappointment that the Taliban missed. Democrats were either silent on the reaction or minimized it with condescending tripe such as “We were just joking” or “Lighten up”.

On the other hand, liberals throw hissie fits if anyone offends them while telling the rest of us to just turn the channel when we’re offended. Democrats with a superiority complex even demand apologies from each other.

When Trent Lott exercised his 1st amendment right to praise the long service of Republican Senator Strom Thurmond, Lott lost his majority leadership position in the Senate. It doesn't matter that Democrats have their own rehabilitated trophy racists. When Republican Senator George Allen of Virginia use the word "macaca" to describe an Indian, liberals just about had him tarred and feathered for that "demeaning and insensitive comment". And let's not forget that only liberal blacks are allowed to use the word "nigger" because it is, you see, a term of endearment.

The anti-Bush hatred stems from a religious bias from a secular, amoral party called the DNC. Christianity not only demands love and respect for others, but it requires moral responsibility to which liberals are unwilling to submit. For the liberal, "freedom of choice" refers only to the worst possible taste and elevation of the lowest common denominator. Pres. Bush is a Christian, but instead of allowing him freedom to believe and worship what he will, an intolerant left throws itself under the bus of frenzied defensiveness rather than becoming the party of compassion they suppose themselves to be.