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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Good News From Iraq Part #27

This is going to be a quick update on Iraq without much opinion because I have dinner to cook but wanted to get this out there.

Kuwait News Agency reports the good news coming from Iraq.

Baghdad security crackdown seriously curbs killings of US soldiers

BAGHDAD, March 14 (KUNA) -- The rate of killings of US troops in Iraq has been on the decline, down by 60 percent, since the launch of the new security measures in Baghdad, according to statistics revealed by the Multi-National Force -Iraq Combined Press Information Centre.

Only 17 members of the US military in Iraq have been killed since February 14 till March 13, compared to 42 from January 13 to February 13; the rate was on the decline during the first month of the security crackdown, compared to a month before.

Two of the 17 soldiers died at US Baghdad camps of non-combat causes.

The remarkable decrease in killings among the US troops came at a time when more of these troops were deployed in the Iraqi capital, especially in districts previously regarded as extremely hazardous for them such as Al-Sadr City, Al-Azamiyah, and Al-Doura.

Meanwhile, US attacks on insurgent strongholds north of Baghdad curbed attacks against helicopters. Before the new security plan, many such craft were downed leaving 20 soldiers dead.

The US army in Iraq had earlier said that sectarian fighting and violence in Baghdad had dropped sharply, by about 80 percent, since the launch of the plan.

The statistics excluded US troops killed in other governorates such as Al-Anbar, Diyala, and Salahiddin.

As to the latest human losses, the US army announced Wednesday that two American soldiers had been killed, one in southern Baghdad and the other northeast of the capital.

In the meantime, even those at Huffingtom Post has forced themselves to show a little honesty about encouraging signs of the new security crackdown.

Pajamas Media tells us that there are talks of disarming the Mahdi Army.

Which makes you wonder at the dishonesty and deliberate attempts by Pelosi and crew to continue to try to force defeat in Iraq and their attempts to completely ignore the positive signs about the new security plan.

All they are showing us and the world now is how desperate they are to do anything in their power to stop these successes for political reasons.

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