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Monday, March 12, 2007

'Wolf in Sheep's Clothing Alert' to Conservative Bloggers

Bottom Line Up Front: Consider this a Public Service Announcement for Conservative bloggers: Beware of Texas Fred.

There’s a blogger Conservatives should beware of. Texas Fred is the author or co-author of these blogrolls and others:

The Texas Connection * Boycott Citgo * Reject the U.N. * The American
Conservative * Kerry Must Go * Children of the Confederacy * Naked Bloggers *
Redneck Mafia

It’s amazing how many people subscribe to his blogrolls but have no idea what he stands for. Texas Fred claims his blog’s mission is to “piss off as many lefty/libbers as I possibly can, each and every day, it’s my mission in life” and describes himself as a “Conservative libertarian..I’m NOT a Democrat or a Republican, never have been, never will be”. In reality his message is hostile to Conservative values and positions, particularly when it comes to the war on terror, Iraq and President Bush.

A couple months ago I ventured over to his blog to check out his content, something I do with folks on my blogroll to make sure I’m not associating with positions contrary and counterproductive to mine. I was appalled to find some very anti-Bush, anti-Iraqi statements from him. The more I read, the sicker I felt. Instead of trying to describe it myself, I’ll let him do it in his own words. Below are some comments of his on a blog I visit that posted my Ronald Reagan video:

1-If Ronald Reagan was alive today, he’d slap the living shit outta Bush…
And likely have the libbers shot ..
TexasFred Homepage 03.05.07 - 10:48 pm #

2- Amy, you do know that you can go to the hospital and have a bit of
‘day surgery’ don’t you?? They can cut the Hypocritical BITCH right out of you,
you know the one I am talking about?? The one that seeks to infringe on the free
speech of others??

And ya really outta think about it too…

And if I wasn’t being a nice guy simply because this is ———-s blog ,
I’d likey tell you to go f**k yourself, but since this IS ————‘s blog , and
since you’re pretty well outed as being a hypocritical BITCH, I’ll be nice, and
I won’t tell you to go f**k yourself…

Your ‘glass house’ can’t stand the stones… Back the f**k off Amy, you
DO NOT want this little WAR you’re trying to start…
TexasFred Homepage 03.07.07 - 2:33 pm #

3-Hey ‘Amy the Bush Bot ‘, yeah, he WAS alive, and his brain was pretty
much cabbage by the time ‘The Little Prince’ came to power…
TexasFred Homepage 03.07.07 - 4:05 pm #

Unfortunately, this is par for the course for Texas Fred. He refers to President Bush, my husband’s commander in chief, in the most deplorable ways resembling a Daily Kos flunky rather than a decent human being. He calls Iraqis “garbage” and believes one American life isn’t worth 100,000 Iraqis.

For some odd reason, his blog was listed on Tom DeLay’s sidebar. Knowing Texas Fred did not reflect Tom DeLay’s views, I contacted Mr. DeLay’s “guys” and shared my concern that Fred’s sentiments were offensive to me as a military wife of an OIF vet with Iraqi friends. I assumed they might also want to check out his content. They did and promptly took his blog off the DeLay blogroll.

I’ve taken everything having anything to do with Texas Fred off of my blog, including his numerous blogrolls and kicked him proudly off my Iraqi Freedom blogroll. He is a blogroll pimp with hatred for Bush that rivals the worst of leftist wackos and is no friend of Iraqis, or for that matter the troops.

I still boycott Citgo, but now I boycott Texas Fred, too. He’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing. End PSA.

Cross-posted @ Bottom Line Up Front