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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

F*ck The Troops? NO, F*ck YOU.

I have been keeping up with Michelle Malkins latest series about a protest in Portland, Oregon and some of the disgusting pictures that came from it.

The Democrats wonder why people question their patriotism....well Nance, Dems and crew, maybe, perhaps, just possibly it is because of things like this:

(Pictures grabbed from Michelle Malkin's site)

Now, many will say "They do not speak for us" and they are right, these idiots might not speak in your name, but they have the same goals as you.

The same that is said about the terrorists and the fact that the Democratic party agrees with almost all of our enemies talking points.

Timelines, withdrawal and a slew of other things that the terrorists use in their speeches and videos that match, almost to the word, the statements made by the Democrats.

Here are a few examples for those that think I am exaggerating:

Statement from Bin Laden:

“I am surprised by you. Despite entering the fourth year after Sept. 11, Bush is still deceiving you and hiding the truth from you and therefore the reasons are still there to repeat what happened.”

Statement from John Kerry:

“Unfortunately, in its desperate attempts to reinvent a rationale for the Iraq war, this White House has repeatedly chosen to mislead the American people.”

Statement from Al Gore:

“He betrayed this country! He played on our fears!”

Let me take a second here to remind everyone what John Kerry, himself, said on October 9, 2002, BEFORE we went into Iraq, in a speech made on the Senate floor:

If in the end these efforts fail, and if in the end we are at war, we will have an obligation, ultimately, to the Iraqi people with whom we are not at war. This is a war against a regime, mostly one man. So other nations in the region and all of us will need to help create an Iraq that is a place and a force for stability and openness in the region. That effort is going to be long term, costly, and not without difficulty, given Iraq's ethnic and religious divisions and history of domestic turbulence. In Afghanistan, the administration has given more lipservice than resources to the rebuilding effort. We cannot allow that to happen in Iraq, and we must be prepared to stay the course over however many years it takes to do it right.

Emphasis mine.

Back to the point here, you can find examples of the terrorists talking points and how well they fit with the Democratic talking points, here, here and here. (There are dozens and dozens more, but this should make my point.) I also took us on a trip down memory lane a while ago, reminding everyone of the things that were said about Iraq BEFORE Bush every took office as well as the fact that Clinton signed the Iraq Liberation Act while he was still President.

Do I think all Democrats are like these people pictured above? No, I don't.

But THEY are the ones getting these pictures in the paper, so THEY are the ones that you will be associated with.

Instead of coming out publicly and denouncing this type of crap, the Democratic politicians use it to further their own agenda.

So yes... you are and will continue to be painted with the same brush until you come out, publicly and denounce this.

Our troops deserve better than this, no matter what your feelings about Iraq, the troops are there to protect you, here.

They have one goal, to keep America safe and they go where they are told and fight, risking life and limb to defend Liberty and so that the fight does not come here to American soil again.

So, to those of you that say "Fuck the Troops", I say, NO, Fuck YOU.

This is not Vietnam and this time, as the Gathering of Eagles along with Rolling Thunder, their families, friends and supporters, showed you on March 17, 2007.... we will not stay quiet while you demonize our troops.

While our troops are fighting for us in other countries, this time, we will continue fighting for THEM here.

Isn't it sad that it is even neccessary?

[Quick Update] I get so annoyed at things like this I forgot to give you the URL's to the three Malkin pieces.

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Please go read each piece.