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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

What Goes On Behind Closed Doors

Should stay behind closed doors.

I am not just talking about homosexuality here, I am talking about all sexuality.

When I was growing up, sex was something special between two people, I don't care if the two people are a man and a woman or a man and a man or a woman and a man or a man dressed as a woman and a get the gist?

Special. Private. Between the two involved.

Now I DO understand General Pace's comments about how he was raised, but when you are in the public "eye" you should, of course, understand that what you say is also public fodder too. How he was raised and his personal feelings should have stayed personal, but should he be publicly lynched as he is being right now? No... leave him alone, he was asked about his personal feelings, he answered.

He has as much right to state his personal feelings, when asked, as anyone else in the world. Perhaps it is the question that was inappropriate.

Move on.

Which brings us to free speech.

Some will say that Pace had every right to speak his mind because we have free speech here in this great country, others will fight for the rights of free speech unless the speech is something they do not agree with and yet others will get violent to prevent any message they do not agree with from being made publicly. (One prime example of this comes from the little spoiled brats at Columbia University)


Some free speech is just used as a guise to be obnoxious and to incite violence, hence our hate speech laws.

So...did General Pace have the "right" to speak about his personal feelings on the subject? Sure he did. Should he have? Not in my opinion. That is only based on the fact that I do not think the question should have been asked of him in the first place and in todays world of national enquirer and all those crap rags, it seem that what is no ones business, is what people are most interested in.

Part of growing up is having the maturity to know what should be said and what shouldn't and act accordingly. Also, knowing what should be asked and what shouldn't be asked. Again, also to be acted on, or NOT acted on, accordingly.

It is called being an adult. the meat if the issue here. Rights of gays in the military.

Let me take it a step further and widen the issue to rights of gays...period.

People should all have the same rights... whether they are heterosexual or homosexual, black or white, rich or poor.


Your "partner" is your partner. Period.

I am staying out of the morality side of this because, in my mind, everyone is entitled to their own belief systems, to me, that also is not a right, but who you are.

I won't shove my morals at you and please don't shove yours at me.

My main problem isn't with what the General said, although I see his words are what has been driving this story from day one, just by looking at how many people are talking, writing or blogging about it.

My main concern here is this need that people seem to have to shove their sexuality in other peoples faces.

I could give a damn if you like kinky sex, if you use whips and chains, if you like it missionary style, if you prefer heavy set people, if you are an ass man or woman OR if you are gay, etc....

Some things are private and should stay that way.

What goes on behind closed doors or in your bedroom should be private. Special. Between the two or three or four people that are involved.

Here is what bugs me the most.

How many people would have a cow if we had a Heterosexual Pride Parade?

Yet we see public Gay Pride Parades.

How many people would have a cow and scream about rights if we had bars that were strictly for heterosexual and gay people could not enter, or clubs where gay people could not join?

Yet we have bars and clubs that are for homosexuals only.

Double standards really annoy the crap out of me.

To me the main issue isn't about Gay Rights, it is about all peoples rights. Why should heteroseuals have more rights than gays? They shouldn't.

By the same token, why the hell should gays have more rights than heterosexual people? AGAIN, they shouldn't.

All men were created equal. Have we forgotten this in our sick twisted world where political correctness trumps individual rights? Be they homosexual or heterosexual?

Is the answer to the long standing, unfair, stigma that has been attached to the gay people of this world, to then take it to the other extreme and be as obnoxious as possible shoving your private, special relationships down other peoples throats?

What is with this incessant need to take to the rooftops and scream "I AM GAY" to the world? I do not feel any special need to take to any rooftop to scream "I AM NOT GAY" to the world or even to my friends.

My sexual preferences and relationships deserve the respect of being private and special and between those involved.

When a heterosexual walks in for an interview to get a job, do they feel the need to make it clear to their potential employer that they are not gay? No.

So why would a gay person, man or woman, feel the need to make it clear to their potential employer that they are gay?

Here is a newsflash.

Being gay is not right or a priveledge.

It is who you are and as long as it is what makes you happy, more power to you, bless you.

Enjoy life but stop shoving your life down my throat. I do not go around shoving my life down your throat, so please show me the same respect I show you.

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