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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I am going to hate myself for this, but......

Major disclaimer here: I dislike Nancy Pelosi with a passion. The more she opens her mouth, the more reason I have to dislike her. If you have been a frequent visitor to Wake up America, you will already know how I feel about Nancy Pelosi, if not...just visit my Pelosi posts all on one page here.

Her Iraq "plan" is nothing more than a retreat in defeat plan and I personally think she deserves everything the conservatives, myself included, throw at her.

So, it truly pains me to say this to the far left, code pink, dailyKos type blogs and people but..... back the hell off of her.

In case you haven't noticed, lefties, she is on your side and your cannabilistic tendencies are forcing me to be fair here and when it comes to Pelosi I really hate to be in this position, but DAYUM, you folks are simply in fantasyland.

You can demand all you want that Congress "defund" Iraq, but if they do not have the votes, what the hell do you people expect them to do? Shit the votes out?????????

What is wrong with you people? Are you truly SO ignorant that you cannot understand that if the votes are not there, she cannot just create them?

Are you truly so immature that, like a child that wants an expensive toy that their parents cannot afford, you demand it anyway?

What are you, 2 yrs old?

I have quite a few problems with Nancy Pelosi and her merry crew of surrender monkeys, I think that is the term I saw somewhere, but what is your excuse?

She wants what you want, even if I disagree with those goals, at least I know when someone is on my side, you people don't seem to care.

Somehow, in your twisted logic, if she wants what you want, she should just be able to do it.... it doesn't work that way. There is procedure and a certain amount of votes needed in the house AND in the Senate to get bills or legislation to THAT clear enough for you?


Get that through your head because feeling the need to defend her, actually gives me a headache.

I started out amused that the Frankenstein monsters Pelosi helped create were now attacking her, but the more I see it, the more I keep thinking, this is just wrong.

This was my comment yesterday, just so you can see that I usually have NO sympathy for Pelosi or anything she says or does and has to deal with:

Michelle Malkin points out that Pelosi's home should be off limits. I agree BUT she fully encouraged these people and to complain now that they have given her everything she wanted....well it is a little like Dr. Frankenstein complaining about the monster he made.

She helped create these monsters and now she has to deal with them.

Today, I saw a picture of her leaving her house amidst these insane jagoffs and I have to say, it looked like she has aged 20 yrs in the last three months.

I am not so amused today, maybe tomorrow I will be less sympathetic, but for today I just wish you far left, liberal cannibals would stop it.

Do not get me wrong, I haven't switched sides and I still smile when I see things like this where Pelosi got booed at the AIPAC, but it shouldn't be her own supporters, those whom she agrees with (although I think she is dead wrong!!!) that comes down on should be those that disagree with her.

A bunch of cannibals I tell you, eating their own.

Here is a quick suggestion for you far left libs, show her how to magically pull the votes she needs out of her ass....then maybe you would have a leg to stand on, otherwise, I will repeat...BACK THE HELL OFF HER.