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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Civil War is Brewing

[Updates Below]

Civil war IS Brewing, it is true....but it isn't in Iraq.

I truly am at a loss as to where to start here. Like a roller coaster, when you get to the top then start your decent, it goes fast, you fly downwards so quickly it feels like your stomach is still up top....remember that feeling when you used to go to the carnival as a kid?

I am watching a roller coaster ride from hell playing itself out, publicy, while the American people and the whole world watch in fascination.

Quick recap over the last few days.

David Obey, Democrat, lost it and was caught on video, calling the anti-war crowd "Liberal Idiots" and telling them they were "screwing things up".

Nancy Pelosi has a few code pink members camped outside her home because she cannot magically create the votes she would need to defund our actions in Iraq.

Dennis Kucinich, Democrat, calling out his fellow democratic politicians for being too scared and intimidated by their far left liberal base to go through with a national debate on Fox Network.

(For the record here "The Non-Conservative Audience For Fox Tops CNN's Total Viewership.")

Rep. Dan Boren, Democrat-Okla, stated said he plans to oppose any legislation setting a clear deadline for troops to leave.

Stephanie Herseth, Democrat-South Dakota, also states:

"There's a fine line that I hope will not be blurred between micromanaging the war and assuring accountability," said Rep. Stephanie Herseth (S.D.), a Blue Dog leader. "I don't think we should be overreacting to public opinion polls."

As I have pointed out already, the liberal media seem to be jumping ship and coming down like a ton of bricks on the Democrat politicians as well as starting to show the progress we are seeing in Iraq. Shown by Wapo, USA Today, Ted Koppel, NBC's Brian Williams, (Transcript here) and ABC as just a small sample of how the media and the public are turning against the Democratic party or maybe they are simply jumping off a sinking ship like rats.

THAT was just the recap, can you believe this?

Well now, via Crooks and Liars as well as The Young Turks and I am sure plenty more blogs to follow are targeting Rep. Allen Boyd, Democrat-Florida....

From The Young Turks:

I want names. Which so-called conservative Democrats and Israeli-lobby suck-ups killed the provision to stop war with Iran?

At the end of their piece:

UPDATE -- We now know the leader of the pack. Rep. Allen Boyd (D-Fla.) led the charge to kill off the Iran provision. People should let him know their dissatisfaction. His office number: (202) 225-5235

Crooks and Liars:

I'm so angry about this that my fingers are literally shaking as I type. The reasonable adult side of me is trying to find a reason why they are doing this–not enough votes, too much real work on their plate now to deal with a hypocritical issue, trying to keep focused on specific issues, etc.–but the far less reasonable part of me is ready to throw something. How many more people have to die for lies? How much more destruction must we wreak globally before we can count on our elected representatives actually doing what is right, not what is political?

At the end of his piece:

UPDATE — We now know the leader of the pack. Rep. Allen Boyd (D-Fla.) led the charge to kill off the Iran provision. People should let him know their dissatisfaction. His office number: (202) 225-5235

A quick note to Crooks and Liars and The Young Turks.....ummmmm.... Rep. Shelley Berkley, Democrat-Nevada says:

there is widespread fear in Israel about Iran, which is believed to be seeking nuclear weapons and has expressed unremitting hostility about the Jewish state.

"It would take away perhaps the most important negotiating tool that the U.S. has when it comes to Iran," she said of the now-abandoned provision.

and (Same article as I linked to above)

Rep. Gary Ackerman, Democrats-New York says:

"I didn't think it was a very wise idea to take things off the table if you're trying to get people to modify their behavior and normalize it in a civilized way

You might want to add those two Democrats on your ever growing hit list!!!

Sick em!!!!

Furthermore, this little gem from a Wapo article just underscores the problems that the Dems are having, as a party:

But the last 18 votes will not be easy. That point was brought home Thursday morning, during the closed-door meeting in which the legislation was detailed for Democratic members. As Pelosi gave her pitch, Reps. Lynn Woolsey (Calif.), Barbara Lee (Calif.), Lloyd Doggett (Tex.) and Nadler stood up to leave for a news conference of their own. After an uncomfortable pause, Pelosi growled that she wished Democrats would be courteous enough to hear her out before talking to the media. Nadler sat down. The rest walked out.

Notice in all of this, the Republicans haven't really had to do anything but sit back, pop the popcorn and watch the show and they should just stay out of the way, because the civil war I refer to in the title is rapidly becoming one between Democrats and............Democrats.

Towards the bottom of that linked article is the kicker that I think is sending the left wing liberal Democrats right over the edge.

That night, Rep. Maurice D. Hinchey (D-N.Y.), an Out of Iraq Caucus member, joined other liberals for a meeting in a basement room of the Capitol. With the zeal of the converted, Hinchey told his colleagues, "If we cannot pass a bill like this, the alternative is far worse, a straightforward 'Here's the money, Mr. President, spend it any way you want.' "

Oh yeah....that would do it!!!!!!

That happens and I think we will hear the libs heads explode all across America.

This is like watching trains heading, full speed, towards each other and not being able to look away while they crash head on.

While I am up...anyone need more popcorn?

[UPDATE] Some days it is well worth it to visit the far left sites...seems there are far more Democrats that are going onto the far left liberal's "hit list".

Compliments of MyDD:

From a source close to the House Democratic caucus, here's a list of Blue Dogs that don't want to vote for this bill because it has a certain date for withdrawal.

Michael Arcuri (NY-24)
John Barrow (GA-12)
Melissa Bean (IL-08)
Dan Boren (OK-02)
Jim Cooper (TN-05)
Bud Cramer (AL-02)
Brad Ellsworth (IN-08)
Kirsten Gillibrand (NY-20)
Baron Hill (IN-09)
Tim Mahoney (FL-16)
Jim Marshall (GA-08)
Mike McIntyre (NC-07)
John Peterson (PA-05)
John Salazar (CO-03)
Joe Sestak (PA-07)
Heath Shuler (NC-11)
Gene Taylor (MS-04)

It's sad to see some freshmen we supported on the list. Joe Sestak, Kirsten Gillibrand and Michael Arcuri had some online support from the progressive netroots. Tim Mahoney, Heath Shuler, Brad Ellsworth, and Baron Hill were mostly to nearly all Rahm recruits.

As I predicted when I first wrote this, more are jumping on the bandwagon, ripping apart the blue dog democrats and seemingly forgetting that without them, they would not have won majority in the houses (For all the good it is doing them).

Daily Kos:

On the face of it, finally, after nearly four years, common sense legislation that says unless a unit is certified as fully rested, trained and equipped, they cannot be sent to Iraq. Who could object to such a simple concept? Besides the administration and the Republican Party, there is one group that found this to be "tieing the hands" of George Bush; the Blue Dog Dems.


Much of the Democratic Party remains compromised by these influences, including Chuck Schumer, Rahm Emanuel and others who (overtly and covertly) supported Joe Lieberman in his senate race. There's a lot of money available to Democratic candidates who will toe the militaristic AIPAC line, and Obama, Clinton, Edwards and others are all furiously competing to raise money and lock up donors. Matt Stoller advises we promote a nice primary challenge to Allen Boyd (D-FL), whose Blue Dog herding efforts helped kill the Iran language in the House supplemental. Sounds like a fine idea to me.

Hot damn, they are coming out from under the rocks over this and dammit, I finished my popcorn and need a Pepsi.

Refill anyone?

I will continue updating as I run across the more amusing madness.

Make yourselves at home, this promises to be a great ongoing show.

[Update #2] The not so veiled threats are coming out now from Talk Left:

Some of these folks do not care what we think. Some should. All are making a big mistake, policy-wise and politically.

Wow, bet those blue dogs are shaking in their boots huh?

[Update #3] More from the peanut gallery, this time, DownWithTyranny:

Today Stoller put up a list of the Blue Dogs who helped sabotage the no attack on Iran clause in the bill Nancy Pelosi has been trying to craft. Although most on the list were the Rahm Emanuel shills like Baron Hill (IN), Tim Mahoney (FL), and Heath Shuler (NC) and the usual suspects, who tend to vote with Republicans almost as much as with Democrats-- Gene Taylor (MS), Mike McIntyre (NC), Jim Marshall (GA), Jim Cooper (TN), Bud Cramer (AL), Dan Boren (OK), John Barrow (GA), Melissa Bean (IL)-- there were some real disappointments as well, freshmen who were supported last year by Blue America and to whom we donated thousands of dollars: Kirsten Gillibrand and Joe Sestak. Lesson learned-- although it may be a very narrow lesson indeed.

What a riot, they needed the Blue Dogs to get a majority and in "most" issues they have their majority. Once the Blue Dogs start thinking for themselves though, oh NOOOOOOOO, that is unacceptable!!!!!

They would rather have little robots that will do as they are told.

Isn't this fun?????

OH OH OH...make sure you check out the comment sections on those lib sites too.... even funnier!