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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

My First Baseball Game

Ok, so it was a spring training game, Whitesox against the Royals, but it was memorable for me.

Let me tell you why.

First, people of all ages were there.

Secondly, two hot dogs and two beers cost $35....sheeeeesh.

Third, people take these games seriously.

None of that is what made a lasting impression on me though.

After buying my hot dogs, I went over to the stand with the condiments and before putting them on, they started to play the National Anthem.....WOW.

No one moved, not a soul. Everyone stood at attention and showed respect for our National Anthem.... even more touching, in my mind, the Veterans and/or the active militray men and women.

They saluted and stayed that way until the National Anthem was over.

There was this elderly man, had to be, at least, 90 and his wife, who had to be about the same age. You could tell he either had arthritis or a shoulder problem because it seemed hard for him to do his salute, but he did it and stayed that way, hand to forehead, until it was over.

The wife, hand on his shoulder was looking at him with such pride and love.

THAT is what I will remember about my first baseball game.