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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tony Robbins On Taxing The Rich- We ate The Rich, Scraped By For 1 Yr, Now What?

By Susan Duclos

A 19:40 minute video by Tony Robbins where he deconstructs the federal deficit and national debt then goes on to show exactly what would and would not happen if every cent of every profit, bank account, homes, paychecks of every rich person, corporation, celebrity, sports athlete etc... was taken, even retroactively, to pay off America's debt and what would be left to take the next year.

Informative, clear, not from a liberal or conservative point of view, just by the numbers.

Well worth 20 minutes to watch.


Fits right in with my last piece "Obama Spews Same Old Class Warfare Rhetoric As He Did In 2010 and 2011."

[Update] Vulnerable Democrats not so willing to rubber stamp Obama's tax the rich class warfare.