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Monday, January 16, 2012

Reports:Jon Huntsman To Quit GOP Race And Endorse Romney: BONUS!! Huntsman Anti-Romney Video Included

By Susan Duclos

Thanks to The Washington Examiner for the video below. The Examiner found the anti-Romney videos that the Huntsman campaign deleted from their YouTube channel.

We went and found a few of the "lost ads," including the weather vane ad, the flip-flop monkey ad, and of course Huntsman's hint that Mitt Romney should be running for president the Waffle House.

Keep the video above in mind while reading the news below.

The timing of the news might be unexpected but the reports in the media that Jon Huntsman is ending his bid for presidency isn't all that surprising in and of itself. He polls low, his campaign is the one that never surged high then flattened out, he simply stayed at the bottom across the board.

The news that Huntsman will elect Mitt Romney, after calling him "unelectable" is a little more surprising, yet that is exactly what reports are indicating.

The news of Huntman pulling out was confirmed by his campaign manager, Matt David, in an interview Sunday evening, where he stated "The governor and his family, at this point in the race, decided it was time for Republicans to rally around a candidate who could beat Barack Obama and turn around the economy. That candidate is Gov. Mitt Romney."

Ed Morrissey over at Hot Air is spot on in his analysis of what this means for Romney:

I used the usual joke in the subhead, but does this really help Mitt Romney? Huntsman’s core of voters in New Hampshire were Democrats, people who didn’t like the Tea Party, and people who generally approve of Barack Obama’s job performance. Where would these voters have gone in this primary without Huntsman anyway? Perhaps a few might have migrated to Ron Paul, but that’s hard to imagine. Romney will graciously accept the endorsement, but it’s not going to change his position much in the next few states anyway. Romney’s better off with more people in the race, not fewer.

I have to agree.

Huntsman has been last in the polls since the start of the GOP campaign season and hit 5 percent in exactly one poll, other than that he stayed in the one, two or three percent range this entire time.

My candidate of choice, Rick Perry, despite vows to continue on after South Carolina, no matter how he does there, should probably be the next to drop out. It is doubtful he will get the momentum back that he carried when he first entered the race and narrowing the field to just Santorum, Gingrich, Paul and Romney, in all probability, would make the race to nomination more competitive.