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Friday, June 04, 2010

Gallup: Majority Of Americans Support Israel

For the first time in a long time I am seeing a level of support for Israel among Americans that according to Gallup is at a near record high.

63 percent "say their sympathies in the Middle East situation lie more with the Israelis than with the Palestinians."

Only in January 1991 -- shortly after Israel was hit by Iraqi Scud missiles during the Gulf War -- did U.S. support for Israel register as high as it does today.

Over the last five years, support for Israel has increased slightly among Republicans (rising from about 77% for each of the past several years to 85% today) and independents, but has stayed roughly the same among Democrats. Since 2001, however, there has been a more dramatic shift in partisan attitudes: a 25-point increase in sympathy for Israel among Republicans and an 18-point increase among independents. Even on this longer-term basis, support for Israel among Democrats has been relatively flat.

Barack Obama may not stand up for Israel, but America does and once again we see Obama's rhetoric does NOT represent Americans.

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