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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Teddy Bear, Barack, and Jesus

The Dems are blaming the GOP for violence after a vote on HC. Well, the few that actually do the violence afore mentioned, may be Dems. Think about it. Why would the Tea Party, the dangerous Tea Party, stoop so low? They don't. But, they get the brunt of the blame.

When your car breaks down, because you drove it with a red light on, do you blame the manufacturer? Dems are always going to blame anyone but themselves. That is a fact of Politics. Crazy, but true.

Bottom line is..this goes on, we lose, as does your children, and theirs. MSM will not report actualities. Only useless rhetoric, kind of like Obama. Speak, with no substance. A freak show at the midway. A simple choice of a Teddy Bear, guess my weight.

Did I confuse you yet? Obama, just give anything that we can believe, maybe a sign from Heaven. But, watch out for the Right hand of GOP>

more? Ok, then, here comes Card Check...While the cat is away..

Jesus wept. And voted to take the Country back. Painfully exciting.