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Monday, March 29, 2010

Obamacare Problems Still Top The News

Headlines include "Democrats threaten companies hit hard by health care bill," along with "Coverage Now for Sick Children? Check Fine Print," and "Health overhaul likely to strain doctor shortage."

Acting surprised that Obamacre is finally being reported on, Democrats are upset that companies have come out with the news announcements that they will be forced to claim millions in writedowns due to the passage of Obamacare and top Democratic officials are threatening those companies for speaking the truth, publicly.

Fine print in the Obamacare bill makes it unlikely that all children with pre-existing conditions will be automatically covered until 2014, if then and last but not least, it looks like there is a doctor shortage and Obamacare promises to make it worse.

Funny but I remember about reading many of these things BEFORE Democrats jammed Obamacare down America's throat against the will of the majority of Americans.

Either Democrat didn't bother reading their own bill, they simply didn't care about the ramifications or they are incompetent... perhaps all three.

Time to replace the bums.... November is coming and Americans have their chance to remind Washington lawmakers exactly who they work for.