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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dem Senator Admits Obamacare 'Political Folly'

Of course the Democratic Senator won't alow himself to be named, he would then have to suffer the consequences of Democratic leader's anger, but via Newsweek's The Gaggle, written by Howard Fineman, we see that certain Democrats voted for Obamacare, knowing they were voting against the majority of the populace and admits it was "political folly."

A Democratic senator I can't name, who reluctantly voted for the health-care bill out of loyalty to his party and his admiration for Barack Obama, privately complained to me that the measure was political folly, in part because of the way it goes into effect: some taxes first, most benefits later, and rate hikes by insurance companies in between.

The gaggle is also tracking the polls and not seeing any light at the end of the dark tunnel the Democrats have put themselves in.

Read the whole thing.