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Monday, March 22, 2010

Attorneys General In Multiple States To File Lawsuits Against Obamacare

[Update Below post] From nine states to 12, the numbers rise on challenges.

Continued from a quick mention in the previous post, Florida's Attorney General Bill McCollum announced that he will join Attorneys General from South Carolina, Nebraska, Texas, Utah, Pennsylvania, Washington, North Dakota and South Dakota, in filing lawsuits against the Federal Government, declaring the bill unconstitutional.

"The health care reform legislation passed by the U. S. House of Representatives this evening clearly violates the U.S. Constitution and infringes on each state's sovereignty," McCollum said in a statement distributed late Sunday night.

"If the President signs this bill into law, we will file a lawsuit to protect the rights and the interests of American citizens."

Virginia's Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli's office has also confirmed his intention to do the same.

Virginia will file suit against the federal government charging that the health-care reform legislation is unconstitutional, Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli's office confirmed last night.

Cuccinelli is expected to argue that the bill, with its mandate that requires nearly every American to be insured by 2014, violates the commerce clause of the U.S. Constitution. The attorney general's office will file suit once President Barack Obama signs the bill into law, which could occur early this week.

"At no time in our history has the government mandated its citizens buy a good or service," Cuccinelli said in a statement last night.

South Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster says he participated in a conference call and expects nine other states to file the same challenges.

[Update] The tally has risen to 12 states now prepared to challenge Obamacare on it's constitutionality.

Florida, South Carolina, Alabama, Nebraska, Texas, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Washington, Utah, North Dakota, South Dakota and Virginia.

No doubt more states will join....