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Monday, March 22, 2010

Obamacare- First Verdict Arrives In November

Wall Street Journal:

This week's votes don't end our health-care debates. By making medical care a subsidiary of Washington, they guarantee such debates will never end. And by ramming the vote through Congress on a narrow partisan majority, and against so much popular opposition, Democrats have taken responsibility for what comes next—to insurance premiums, government spending, doctor shortages and the quality of care. They are now the rulers of American medicine.

They conclude:

While the passage of ObamaCare marks a liberal triumph, its impact will play out over many years. We fought this bill so vigorously because we have studied government health care in other countries, and the results include much higher taxes, slower economic growth and worse medical care. As for the politics, the first verdict arrives in November.

Read everything in between at WSJ.

Note- A monumental loss, to be sure, but definitely not the end of the fight. While talk of repeal is premature, partial repeal might be had in the courts as Attorneys General from multiple states start filing lawsuits against the constitutionality of the Individual Mandate.

The battle now moves to the Senate where the bill of "fixes" meant to try to absolve House Democrats of the political ramifications of voting for the Senate;s version of Obamacare, still needs to clear parliamentary hurdles and Harry Reid needs to find 51 votes to pass them if it does, is still ahead and must be fought just as vigilantly as the American people and the GOP fought against this latest House vote.

No matter what happens in the Senate though, the battle for control of Congress, control of the Senate and in 2012, control of the White House still looms.

What happened last night should be the incentive needed to make sure that Democrats are stripped of power in 2010.

That must be the rallying call, it must be the focal point and it must be the number one goal of the Republican party and conservatives, moderates and independents around the country that believe the Democrats have abused their power and gone against the will of the majority of Americans.

The First Verdict Arrives In November.