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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Braggarts and Losers

Boy Howdy! WE, sure did let it happen. Who can you blame? Everyone? No one? Maybe you and me? Hell in a Handbasket folks! I am Skeezix! I am a total redneck from Missouri, and even I, can recognize deception, and lies! That is pretty sad isn't it?

#3 Motive: Destroy the US Economy. (It's a Cloward and Piven thing.)

I have been watching for a long while. I woke up yesterday, and realized, this was not the way it used to be. I had to spit, and curse a bit. But I woke up today, and had a new outlook. The Liberals have played a card, but, they did not take into their tiny mindset, that a larger hand may be at work. Enjoy the hangover.

Here is a great point by Neal.

"The more time I have to reflect on what happened to this country over the weekend, the more upset I become with the American people. From the beginning of his campaign, Barack Obama pushed for his version of government healthcare reform. This concept was not new to his administration once he was elected. People knew what they were getting themselves into. The fact is that they really didn't give a flying flip. All they cared about what that he was "cool" and had a "hot bod" and, for some, because of the color of his skin. If you asked the average Obama supporter what his position was on healthcare, I bet you dollars to doughnuts that they could not tell you. But they voted for him anyway. And now look what we have gotten. You wanted "change" but you couldn't tell me what he wanted to "change." Now you know. I hope you are happy. You took a man with no executive experience - a man with an expressed dislike for the free enterprise system - a man with a clear radical background - a man who gravitated toward Marxist mentors throughout his life --- and you made him president of The United States. Happy? Hope so. Your ancestors will curse your name for what you have done."