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Friday, March 19, 2010

Does House Liberals Think 'We Tried' Will Be Enough To Save Thier Jobs?

Not bothering with a bunch of links because anyone following the Obamacare healthcare debate already knows most of the facts.

Fact One; The originally House version of Obamacare is far different from what the Senate passed.

Fact Two: The Senate did not have enough votes, even within their own party to pass the House's more liberal version.

Fact Three: The far left liberal portion of the House found much in the Senate version to be unacceptable.

Ok, let us stop there with facts that are not disputed.

This leads to where we are now.

The House cannot pass the Senate version of Obamacare without making changes, the votes aren't there, so to bypass the difficulties they have, they want to get the Senate to pass "fixes" to the Senate's version, using reconciliation which would require only 51 votes.

The Senate cannot pass "fixes" unless their is a bill already passed and signed into law, to be fixed.

So, Nancy Pelosi wants to "deem" the Senate version passed, have Obama sign it into law, protecting House liberals from having to vote on it and just hold a vote on the fixes to send to the Senate for them to attempt to pass.

Once Obama signs the Senate version, that is the law... period.

House liberals want their constituents to believe that the Senate is going to be able to obtain the 51 votes needed to pass the "fixes", via reconciliation.

When the Senate fails to pass those fixes, House liberals will look to their constituents and say "we tried" but the Senate didn't do what we wanted them to.

Do House liberals think their constituents will believe that the politicians didn't know what we know? Do they think saying "we tried" will abdicate their responsibility for allowing the Senate version to become law?

Do they think "we tried" will be enough to save their sorry asses from being thrown out in November?