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Friday, January 15, 2010

Scott Brown: He Did It His Way

The Massachusetts Senatorial special election is now the talk of every town. Three weeks ago, it was not the talk of any town. What has made the difference? None of this sudden interest would have been possible if it was not for Scott Brown himself. He is the one who took on a "hopeless" candidacy and made it all possible. Without his tireless efforts that resulted in convincing the Massachusetts voters that he was a breath of fresh air in the stale politics of Massachusetts and that he cared about them, none of this would have been possible. Since Massachusetts has not elected a Republican since 1976 and that was a person who was the rarest of rarities, a black Republican, what chance did Scott Brown have? The conventional wisdom said he had no chance but that did not deter him for giving it his best shot.

Because of that intense effort on his part, we became convinced he had a reasonable chance of making the impossible possible and wrote an article called How to Stop Obama Care Now on December 27th. In it we pointed out that once Obama care passed, it could never be repealed and why. We begged people to support Scott Brown to provide the 41st vote to stop Obama care in it's tracks. We spread this article to everyone we know on the Conservative blogosphere and waited for a response. What we got was nothing so two days later we wrote another article, The Deafening Silence, and did the same thing. On the third day, the boyz at got on board and so did Hot Air. From there, it spread like wildfire to the other Conservative websites.

What this does is point out what a powerful tool the internet is to conservative activists. One of us can spot a chink in the liberal Democrat armor, publicize it on the blogosphere and we then can jump on it and energize the conservative base. We can all think of the role that the above websites plus Gateway Pundit, Red State, Wake Up America, American Thinker, etc have played by calling attention to something the rest of us overlooked. Yes, it is true that without the Conservative blogosphere pushing this race and getting millions of dollars donated to Scott Brown, he would not be winning. On the other hand, if Scott Brown himself had not made this race competitive by his own effort, the Conservative base would not have had a golden opportunity to jump on.

As we pointed out in another piece, Why Scott Brown for Senator, Scott is a campaign manager's dream come true. He just has it all and he has used his ability to connect with the people to great advantage. His resume is fantastic and his family is a magnificent bonus. Scott Brown is the picture perfect candidate for the Republicans and the way he and his team have handled the campaign has been equally perfect. Of course, as we pointed out in The Democrat Party Is Our Best Friend, the Democrats have gone out of their way help us by alienating just about everyone not in their base. On top of that, Martha Coakley has to be the worst candidate and has the worst campaign staff since McCain and that is saying a lot. Every day she has opened her mouth and inserted her foot. If the Democrats think that sending Obama to Boston on Sunday will save this dog of a campaign, they are whistling by the graveyard.

All of this is why a poll conducted for Pajamas Media by Cross Target Polling shows Brown up by 15 points. While we are not ready to buy that big a margin, we do predict that Scott will win by at least five points. What we have here is the "Perfect Storm" race where it all came together for the Republicans. They had the perfect candidate against the worst candidate at a time of great unease in the voting populace about all of the wheeling and dealing in Washington DC. A hard working candidate caught the imagination and support of the Conservative base with the help of the Conservative blogosphere and the rest as they say is history. Massachusetts elects a Republican to replace Ted Kennedy? Who would have believed it three weeks ago?