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Monday, March 02, 2015

Feds "Show Of Force" Against Americans Sends A Clear Warning: Comply Or Else!

By Susan Duclos, via All News PipeLine

I would like readers to look at the image below, take a good, hard look at the type of people that, in the eyes of law enforcement, including the FBI, warranted a 20 man raid from a variety of enforcement agencies, who then physically searched their persons, their vehicles, fingerprinted them, detained them and confiscated their personal belongings, including cell phones, iPads, laptops, business papers, paperwork, coinage and other valuables.

The image comes from a 2013 RT Documentary, which will be shown below, of a group called "The Republic of Texas," who RT describes as "Texans who are proud of their heritage, embrace self-reliance and are ready to live by what they preach, even if it strays from the norms of mainstream American society." The image is representative of the Republic of Texas members as a whole. describes the reason for the raid during a meeting help on Valentine's Day 2015:

The raid was a response to legal summons sent by Republic of Texas members to a Kerr County judge and bank employee, demanding they appear in the Republic's court at the Veterans and Foreign Wars building in Bryan the day the officers stormed in. Jarnecke's group, the subject of a half-hour YouTube documentary, maintains a small working government, including official currency, congress and courts.

"You can't just let people go around filing false documents to judges trying to make them appear in front of courts that aren't even real courts," said Kerr County sheriff Rusty Hierholzer, who led the operation.

He acknowledged he used a "show of force," grouping officers from city, county state and federal law enforcement to serve a search warrant for suspicions of a misdemeanor crime.

Make no mistake, that reason is nothing more than a pretext, because ladies and gentlemen, The Republic of Texas, like many Americans, have grievances with how the US Government and our politicians in Congress are running this nation:

The Republic has a lengthy list of qualms with the federal government, among them that Texas was illegally annexed in 1845. But most of their complaints have to do with the behavior of the American legislature and executive. Robert Wilson, a senator in the Republic, equated politicians in Washington D.C. to the "kings and emperors" of the past, and sees Texas independence as part of a worldwide movement for local control.

"This is the century for colonialist ambitions to be reversed," the 78-year-old pastor said. "I've watched a lot of things happen, and the people of the world are fed up. The spirit of the world right now is: make things smaller, move governments closer to home, take back self-rule."

Kerr County sheriff Rusty Hierholzer claims he "he had worries that some extremists in the group could become violent, citing a 1997 incident when 300 state troopers surrounded an armed Republic leader for a weeklong standoff."

Republic of Texas describes the type of people who are members of their group on their website as " generally seniors of respected middle-class business, farming, broadcasting, engineering, scientific, health, veterans, and faith-based backgrounds..."

I call BS on the Sheriff's claim.... this was a deliberate warning sent out to Americans... comply or else. Don't make waves, don't question Big Brother or the feds will show up at your doorstep, harrass you, take your personal belongings and treat you like a criminal.

In an article written by Blacklisted News, they conclude "The irony of the situation is that the thuggish tactics employed by the police and federal government actually validate the concerns of the members of the Republic of Texas and other Americans who would prefer independence from the United States federal government."


This is the police state mentality that is so prevalent in the US these days, this "show of force," is overkill but it certainly makes their warning to Americans clear doesn't it?

This isn't the America I grew up in, this isn't America "land of the free." America has become the Stasi USSA - Police State.

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Friday, February 27, 2015

"It Has Already Happened!" - Margo Seltzer: "It Is Going To Get Worse"

By Susan Duclos, via All News PipeLine

The video below is literally terrifying in its honesty. More importantly it isn't some random "conspiracy theory" or what critics like to call a "tin foil hat" wearer, it is Harvard Professor discussing the technology available and being utilized today by multiple countries against their own citizenry.

We hear many say that claims that we live in a police state already are exaggerating, or producing fear porn, but Margo Seltzer who is a professor and researcher in computer systems, currently the Herchel Smith Professor of Computer Science in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Harvard University, tells us straight out that we already live in a surveillance state and "it is going to get worse."

Professor Seltzer not only talks about how we are all being surveilled from the moment we leave our house, but how in some cases there is technology that "watches" us in our very homes, such as drones, that can move around and watch you through your windows. This assertion is evidenced by a recent news report of a "peeping tom" drone that was looking into a window of a South Carolina woman, or a previous report from June 2014 of a woman that "saw a drone hovering outside her apartment window on the 26th floor of her Seattle highrise."

Seltzer then delves into other technology that many waved away as "conspiracy," but as she asserts, already exists... such as mosquito robots capable of landing on a human being and taking their DNA.

Seltzer informs us that the dystopian world where privacy is already dead isn't coming some time in the distant future, "It has already happened," she says. "Welcome to today. We live in that future right now."

Terror Threat Against US Malls Sparks Govt Warning "Be Particularly Careful"

By Susan Duclos, via All News PipeLine

Terror group al-Shabaab, who has claimed responsibility for the 2013 attack at the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya, that left over 60 people dead, has released a video threat against the Mall of America in Minnesota and elsewhere, stating " If just a handful of mujahedin fighters could bring Kenya to a complete standstill for nearly a week, imagine what a dedicated mujahedin in the West could do to the American or Jewish-owned shopping centers across the world. What if such an attack was to occur in the Mall of America in Minnesota? Or the West Edmonton Mall in Canada? Or in London's Oxford Street?" the man says, encouraging supporters to "hurry up, hasten towards heaven and do not hesitate." (Source - USA Today)

In the first video below, we see CNN reporting on this threat. In the second video, the Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson acknowledges the threat and offers a warning to Americans to "be particularly careful," if they decide to go shopping and to "be vigilant."

In an apparent attempt to walk back Johnson's statements, because getting people out to spend money is obviously more important than keeping Americans safe, hours after Johnson issued his dire warning, a department spokesperson stated "We are not aware of any specific, credible plot against the Mall of America or any other domestic commercial shopping center."

Think about that for a minute, a terror group that has already shown they can and will attack a mall, killing dozens, publicly encourages followers to do the same, reported by multiple news organizations  as a "threat," as shown in the videos below, yet the US government department spokesperson claims there is no specific or credible threat.

Anyone else see a disconnect here?


(Minnesota Mall of America)

(Canada's West Edmonton Mall)

(London's Oxford Street)