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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

ANP Hot News.....Around the Web

By Susan Duclos

Links to Hot News.... Around the Web, via All News PipeLine

George Will: Scientists Also Lying About Ebola
Senate Dem Officials Start Lashing Out at White House

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Illegals Discovered On N Carolina Voting Rolls

Nuke Drill In Times Square
850 Voters In NYC Are Officially 164 Years Old

NYT: The Democratic Panic

Saudis Sound Alarm: Obama "Caving" To Iran

4 Dulles Passengers Taken To Hospital After Ebola Screening

Ferguson Protester: "All Hell Is Going To Break Loose"

US Border Agent: We Are Not Ready For Ebola

Most Expect GOP Victory In November

What Washington Doesn't Want You To Read

Obama To Open Floodgates Of Amnesty

Passenger At Nj Airport Taken To Hospital For Ebola Eval

Bizarre! Texas Considered Ebola Hot Zone By Emory University!

By Susan Duclos, via All News PipeLine

A student who goes to Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, was required to fill out a questionnaire when going to get a flu shot and after the area where the student's name and Emory ID were to be filled out, came the questions, the very first being "Have you, any family member, or close associate traveled through or from Africa or Texas in the past 30 days?" (Image of the questionnaire shown below)

Lumping Texas, which saw one imported case of Ebola and two healthcares workers becoming infected after contact with the first case, Thomas Duncan, now deceased, in with Africa which has seen over 9,000 cases with 4,555 deaths from the Ebola virus, is bizarre in and of itself, but when you consider that it is Emory University .... it becomes ominous.

Emory University Hospital is where one of the first doctors that became infected with Ebola in west Africa, Kent Brantly, was brought to in order to treat him. Emory University  Hospital is also where one of the nurses from Texas, Amber Vinson, was moved to in order to be treated for her Ebola virus infection.

If Emory is being utilized for their Ebola expertise, as evidenced by the government actively bringing Ebola patients there to be treated, then it seems quite telling that they are treating travel through or from Texas, the same as travel to one of the worst Ebola outbreak zones in the world, at the same time as the mainstream media is now downplaying Ebola in the US.

Gov. Sourced Website Proves End Is Near! Can You Explain This?

By live Free or Die, via All News PipeLine

With Obama Ebola ‘Czar’ Ron Klain now officially exposed as calling for ‘depopulation’ as an answer to the world’s biggest problems as shared in the 2nd video below, we have been emailed a tip that should help prove to all doubters that ‘the end is near’ as shared in the 1st video. Among the list of countries on, a US government sourced website, pertinent data for the US now and in 2025 is enough to make EVERY American become a ‘conspiracy theorist’.

If anyone has a rational explanation for why the population of the US is supposed to DROP 78.2% from 316+ million now to ONLY 69 million people in 2025, we’d love to know the answer. If anyone knows why our military spending will drop in 10 years from $726 billion dollars to $8 billion dollars in 2025, please explain. Is there a reason why our GDP per capita will be dropping from $52,838 to $13,328 by 2025? Inquiring minds surely want to know…and we deserve answers! Check out the data for the US on yourselves; any ideas what we are witnessing? Is this proof of depopulation? If not, why the huge forecasted drops?

Please contact the White House at 202-456-1111 or your Congressional Representatives via phone call or email here for answers.

Fireman Speaks Out! 300 Body Bags And Ebola HAZMAT Suits – What’s Coming Our Way? Louisiana Governor Signs Ebola Executive Order!

By Live Free or Die, via All News PipeLine

The video below featuring a public service person from the Denham Springs, Louisiana fire department is mind-blowing and gives the public a taste of what’s going on behind the scenes and uncensored. In this video just released by Michael DiBari we learn that this particular SMALL fire department will be receiving 300 body bags and Ebola HAZMAT suits…what this person tells our videographer at 3 minutes 30 seconds into the video about a certified NSA letter received by the fire department will send chills up your spines. Coincidentally, or not, Lousiana Governor Bobby Jindal just signed an Ebola executive order for the state of Louisiana.