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Monday, July 28, 2014

New Study: 2 Billion Dead, 25 Year Winter From 'Limited' Nuclear War

By Susan Duclos

 At the rate the US is antagonizing large countries with nuclear capabilities such as Russia and China, this new study, in conjunction with one conducted last year, should horrify even those with their heads buried in the sand.

 According to a new atmospheric study, based on a "limited" nuclear war between India and Pakistan, who is noted to have weapons that seem "antique" compared to those of China, Russia and the United States, would result in the loss of 2 billion lives and cause a 25-year nuclear winter, causing worldwide crop failures and famine.

Since the powers that be undoubtedly know this and are still taking the path to igniting WW3, one can only assume this is part of some depopulation agenda.

 Via the abstract from this new study:

We present the first study of the global impacts of a regional nuclear war with an Earth system model including atmospheric chemistry, ocean dynamics, and interactive sea ice and land components. A limited, regional nuclear war between India and Pakistan in which each side detonates 50 15 kt weapons could produce about 5 Tg of black carbon (BC). This would self-loft to the stratosphere, where it would spread globally, producing a sudden drop in surface temperatures and intense heating of the stratosphere. Using the Community Earth System Model with the Whole Atmosphere Community Climate Model, we calculate an e-folding time of 8.7 years for stratospheric BC compared to 4–6.5 years for previous studies. Our calculations show that global ozone losses of 20%–50% over populated areas, levels unprecedented in human history, would accompany the coldest average surface temperatures in the last 1000 years. We calculate summer enhancements in UV indices of 30%–80% over midlatitudes, suggesting widespread damage to human health, agriculture, and terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. Killing frosts would reduce growing seasons by 10–40 days per year for 5 years. Surface temperatures would be reduced for more than 25 years due to thermal inertia and albedo effects in the ocean and expanded sea ice. The combined cooling and enhanced UV would put significant pressures on global food supplies and could trigger a global nuclear famine. Knowledge of the impacts of 100 small nuclear weapons should motivate the elimination of more than 17,000 nuclear weapons that exist today.

More in the video below.

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Gerald Celente: We’re Building Up to World War III - Greg Hunter Interview With Gerald Celente

By Susan Duclos

Greg Hunter goes one-on-one with Trends Journal publisher Gerald Celente in the wide ranging interview where Celente asserts "We are looking at destabilization in the Middle East with no end in sight. It’s only going to get worse unless this killing and excuse for the murders from both sides stops.”


On the crisis in Israel with Hamas and the Palestinians, Celente says, “If this continues to increase at the rate it is going, it will be hell for everyone. There is also the fear that this could spread into the Lebanese border. As a trend forecaster, if peace is not brought to that region and this continues to spread, and if it goes into Lebanon, it will be hell on earth for everyone in that region. . . . We are building up to World War III.”

Gerald Celente brings a voice that sometimes appears conservative and in other cases seems almost liberal, meaning any one political side can agree with half of what he says and vehemently disagree with other things, because Gerald is a "political atheist," that addresses the issues without the bias of a political agenda.

His forecasting has been eerily spot on in the past on a number of issues, which is why he has been a popular forecaster for decades and is well worth listening to.

America: Proof The NWO Plans Major Event – It Is Coming Soon!

By Susan Duclos

 Another outstanding video compilation from Jason A which proves without a doubt the NWO is on scedule with another "major event," including plans for 2014-2016. News clips showing a constitutional scholar asserting that Obama is a threat and remaking the US government with the use of his executive orders, as well as examples showing the plans on and for the Illuminati, blood moons, chips, Israel and more, in this very enlightening and terrifying video below.

These are things happening now, seen one at a time is infuriating but not as enlightening as seeing them all together to understand the very nature of the evil that surrounds us, the plans, the carefully orchestrated events, all leading to the ultimate NWO finale.

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Disturbing Video Footage Of Hamas Using Children As Human Shields

By Susan Duclos

Only a coward would use a child as a human shield and worse than that, only an evil man would deliberately gather children, forcing them to huddle together, then shoot off a missile into a neighboring country so that when that country retaliated to take out the launcher, all those children would die, so they could be used as examples of "civilians" being killed in war.

According to revmichellehopkins in the video below that is exactly what we see. A Hamas terrorist forcing children to huddle behind him while he fires a missile at Israel, with full knowledge that there is a good chance Israel will fire back to take out the launcher.

But of course if those children die as a direct result, their bodies will be put on public display and it is Israel that will be blamed.

[Update] Second video below shows "Hamas Spokesperson Encourages Use of Human Shield"

 Third video below  shows this is not a new practice on the part of Hamas, but one used over and over again.

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