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Thursday, August 28, 2014

ANP Hot News.....Around the Web For August 28, 2014

By Susan Duclos

Links to Hot News.... Around the Web, via All News PipeLine \

Californian drought is so severe it's 'causing the ground to move'

Giant sinkhole in Durham is 'becoming bigger' every second

‘Significant increase’ in terror chatter as 9/11 nears

WHO issues roadmap for scaled-up response to the Ebola outbreak

WHO: Ebola virus disease update - west Africa - 8/28/14

In pictures: Billions of locusts invade Madagascan capital

New Study: Terrorists Can Easily Outwit Airport X-Ray Scanners

Obama: ‘We don’t have a strategy yet’ for dealing with ISIS

Flashback: Sarah Palin Predicts Current Events in 2008!

China Vows To respond To US Surveillance Flights

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie marry in France

U.S. official says 1,000 Russian troops enter Ukraine

Experts: Market Could Face 60% Correction

UN: Killer robots a small step away and must be outlawed

The Housing Echo-Bubble Is Popping

The Big One: CDC Whistleblower Goes Public Now

Ebola outbreak ‘going to get worse’ – top medic

Politically Correct Ebola

JPMorgan, Four Other Banks Hit by Hackers: U.S. Official

Al Qaeda magazine hints of looming attack, bombing Vegas and military

Guillotines And Convert Or Die Coming Soon? Insane Rant Drops Sharia Bombshell In America’s Lap!

By Live Free or Die, via All News PipeLine

Will Americans across the country and people across the world soon have to convert to Islam or die? Is Sharia law REALLY coming to the ENTIRE WORLD, including big cities and small towns near you, as argued by London Imam Anjem Choudary in this newly released video with Sean Hannity? Was Barack Obama really ‘enthroned’ here in America to allow the ‘Sharia overthrow’ of our Republic as argued in the 2nd video below from Jason A ? Is this why they allegedly ordered all of the guillotines, as argued in the 3rd video below, to execute Christians?

The 1st video below is an epic shouting match between Sean Hannity and London Imam in this video from TheRedEye that should put an end to all of the talk about what they have planned for America; if they have their way, Sharia law will soon be here. Hannity grilled Choudary over whether he believes in a “convert or die” philosophy. Why does Choudary keep turning this around? Read between the lines!!!


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Airborne Ebola Cover Up Spreads To Canada

By Susan Duclos, Via All News PipeLine


The Public Health Agency of Canada has just joined the CDC in a cover up regarding the "airborne" transmission of the deadly Ebola Virus which has now killed over 1,500 hundred and infected more than 3,000 in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea and Nigeria.

On August 5, 2014, All News PipeLine reported the CDC removed the words "contaminated air" from their fact sheet, providing the current version as well as the archived version as proof and now we see the Public Health Agency of Canada has made their own "politically correct" changes to their website regarding the transmission of Ebola, or more to the point the "airborne spread among humans."

Sometime during the last week the Public Health Agency of Canada changed its website’s content regarding Ebola transmission. Last week I published a preliminary essay on the Airborne Transmission of Ebola, and more recently comprehensive essays, all citing the Canadian PHA’s section entitled “Mode of Transmission.”


“In the laboratory, infection through small-particle aerosols has been demonstrated in primates, and airborne spread among humans is strongly suspected, although it has not yet been conclusively demonstrated.”


“[A]irborne transmission has not been demonstrated between non-human primates.”

As of the reporting of a CDC whistleblower, William Thompson, issuing a statement on August 27, 2014 admitting they "omitted statistically significant information," in a report about the MMR vaccine and it's connection to autism, there is now conclusive evidence the CDC does, in fact, cover up information they do not want the general public to know, but with Canada now doing the same thing, it appears there is an international governmental attempt to cover up the fact that the Ebola virus is airborne.

The latest updates about Ebola read like a horror movie, with whole towns in quarantine, multiple strains detected and countries closing their borders with Ebola stricken countries, a third top doctor has died from Ebola in Sierra Leone, an Ebola cluster in Nigeria with a doctor dying and his wife falling ill, looters who attacked an Ebola clinic are now testing positive for Ebola,  Doctors Without Borders is pleading for international help saying what they are seeing is "unlike anything we've seen in previous outbreaks," and doctors and CDC workers who have been exposed and/or contracted the deadly disease are being brought into Germany and the United States.

The US via the CDC, and Canada via the Public Health Agency of Canada have both been busted changing their official website pages to remove any mention of airborne transmission, and the knowledge is only becoming public because of alternative media keeping track and documenting what was originally said, so how many other countries are participating in this cover up that we are not aware of?

Another important question should be, if they are covering this up, what else are they covering up that we don't know about ....yet.

Dmitry Orlov: 'US Decline Makes Them Stupid And Careless'

By Susan Duclos, via All News PipeLine

The Plane Truth is joined by Dmitry Orlov, a Russian-American engineer and a writer on subjects related to "potential economic, ecological and political decline and collapse in the United States," something he has called “permanent crisis," for a wide ranging interview on the ins and outs of what we are seeing happen now between the US, Russia, Ukraine and Europe. They cover the US antics, which according to Orlov is caused by the US decline which "makes them stupid and careless."

Orlov explains what America's "Big Plan" was, which was to flush Russia out of Crimea in order to build a NATO base there and how it failed, which made the US government "livid." The headlines we are seeing daily in relation to Ukraine and Russia all stem from the US meddling as well as the machinations we are seeing across the globe to limit US influence which will result, in Orlov's opinion, in "the loss of the United States"  not being felt all that much.

Fascinating interview.

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