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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

America is a Racist Country

From The Marston Chronicles

What? You thought that the 2008 Presidential Election proved that America is not a racist country when we elected a black President when only one out of eight Americans are black? On the contrary, that election proved we are very much a racist country. Let's take a look at why Obama got elected. Was it because of his sterling record of accomplishment and his clear abilities to lead? That question answers itself because his resume would fit on the back of a postage stamp. Was it because he showed a knack for picking the right people to give him advice? A quick look at his choice of mentors like Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright and Tony Recko refutes that notion. He has continued showing a poor choice in choosing his associates as his various czars bear witness.

Then look at what people seemed to admire in him. His rhetorical abilities to read a good speech and to pick good speechwriters might be a reasonable choice. Was that enough to pick him to be the most powerful man in the world? Come on, people, let's face it, he was picked because of the color of his skin and just about nothing else because there was nothing there other than that. Picking on or choosing people based on their skin color is a racist act. That is what an large amount of the American electorate did and that makes this a racist country.

Now to be sure about 30% of the voters would vote for the donkey if the Democrats ran it but what about the other 23%? Yes, some of them fell for the hope and change gambit because Obama is the quintessential conman. Yes, some people voted not for Obama but against McCain and/or Palin. None of these can explain the entire 23%. Let's look at which part of the electorate that voted for Obama who usually do not bother to vote based on historical trends. The clear answer is the blacks and the under 30 group. They turned out in droves for Obama. Why did they suddenly do that? It is hard to come up with any other explanation but the color of Obama's skin.

Now that is not to say that most of these folks had other motives besides just the color of his skin. White guilt about this country ever condoning slavery comes to mind. Perhaps some thought that doing this would prove that America is not a racist country when it had the exact opposite effect. Perhaps others just like supporting the "disadvantaged" people in this country. None of these motives disguise the fact that they made a racist tinged decision. This was what could be rightly called the ultimate affirmative action. The fact that affirmative action is reverse racism does not make it any less racist.

Let's face facts: both Obama and his wife have been affirmative action bonus babies their entire lives. They have had everything handed to them on a silver platter primarily because of the color of their skin. Who paid for their expensive college education at top flight schools? It certainly was not them. Did they get passing grades in school based on their merit or was the color of their skin factored in? Perhaps this is why Obama's college records are sealed? Did they get jobs because they were the best qualified candidates or because they were filling a racial quota? Who knows, but the suspicion remains based on their attitudes. Like most people who get something they do not deserve, they resent it. This might explain why neither of them seems to be either grateful for living here or being proud of their country.

I am well aware that this little opinion piece is going to get me called a racist, but somebody had to say it and I just did. It will not be the first time nor will it be the last time. Over thirty-five years ago, four U. S. Senators stood on the capitol steps and told the assembled media that I was plainly a racist. Why did Senators Ted Kennedy, Birch Bayh, Phil Hardt and Alan Cranston do that? It was because I refused to buckle to the demands of Cesar Chavez and his gang of thugs to help them recall the Governor of Arizona. That led to an FBI investigation that showed no evidence of that but that part never got publicized unlike the attack on me personally. Still I will be in the good company of the town hall protesters and the tea party folks who also got called racists without any evidence to support it other than a few signs held up by people who were not even part of the protest.

Of course, calling Republicans racists is pretty much par for the course and has been ever since 1964 when it was applied to Barry Goldwater and his supporters like me. You did not hear Republicans called racists prior to that because the blatant racists were the Southern Democrats who voted against every piece of civil rights legislation ever proposed while the Republicans were by and large supporting them. This certainly included Lyndon Baines Johnson prior to 1960 but you never heard a peep about that because those real racists were all Democrats. They can even be members of the Klu Klux Klan and still be elected to the U. S. Senate. This double standard about racism has been with us for over 55 years now and is still going strong.