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Saturday, January 09, 2010

The Democrat Party is our Best Friend

Surely we jest? No, we are serious because right off hand we cannot think of much more they could do to guarantee that they will be drummed out of office. What is more, they will stay out of power until the Republicans get fat and happy and screw up again as they most surely will. At every turn, the Democrats stick it to the American people and do not even have any shame about doing so. They even brag about using our money to buy votes for their outrageous bills. Never in my life have I seen any elected officials adopt such a "my way or the highway" attitude. Apparently they think that the American people will continue to put up their incredible chutzpah. In this they err.

What has always annoyed me about the Republican Party is its propensity to shoot itself in the foot. It has no instinct for the jugular. Republicans just feel that it is beneath them to get down in the trenches and play hardball. They feel they are the good guys and it is beneath them to adopt the slash and burn tactics of the Democrats. Their idea of how to beat Democrats is to offer the voting public a Democrat-lite agenda. They do not try or even promise to cut back on the ever expanding voracious federal government or even to balance the budget. All they do is promise to cut back on how much it grows. If the public has no problem with the federal government running their lives, why would they vote for a wimpy statist agenda when they can have the real thing?

We have seen the Republican Party blow an election that there is no way they should have lost. How about the New York 23 congressional race when they spent a million dollars backing a candidate who was further to the left than the Democrat candidate? How about the wimpy McCain campaign? He decided that it was not polite to bring up the sordid past of a fellow Senator. Thus he did not constantly hammer Obama about his associations with racists, domestic terrorists and Chicago crooks. Those were the only subjects worth talking about along with the sorriest excuse for proven ability to be able to run anything but a wheelbarrow in many decades.

Thus we are stunned to suddenly see the Democrats adopt the Republicans stupid shoot themselves in the foot strategy. In fact, they have doubled down and are blowing off both feet. In the midst of a recession that is rapidly turning into a full blown depression, their only real concern is jamming a very unpopular health care system down our throats. They are so determined to do this that they will sacrifice a lot of seats in Congress and adopt any means no matter how unscrupulous and dishonest they are to reach that end. They have done everything they accused the Republicans of doing multiplied many times over. Then they turn around and tell us obvious lies about what they are doing. This behavior is a gift to the Republican Party that keeps on giving.

The latest example of this kind of stupidity is the Massachusetts special election for the Senate. Massachusetts is the most Democrat state in the Union (excluding the District of Columbia) so there is no way that a Republican should comes even close in this election. Since the Democrat machine knew this, they and their candidate just coasted along sure of their victory. Their candidate actually went on vacation during a campaign that was only six weeks long. Yet Scott Brown has closed the gap from thirty-one points behind to just nine. Since this is a special election with a low turnout, you need to look at the certain voters where Brown was only behind by two points. He has the momentum and has a minimum of a 50-50 chance to win.

Not satisfied with letting Scott Brown steal a march on them, they made it clear that everyone knew that the Kennedy family had decided that Ted Kennedy's seat should go to the Democrat candidate and had the Democrat legislature and governor change the law about federal office vacancies a second time. Meanwhile, back in Washington, the Democratic leadership is doing everything they can to piss off the voting public. It was only when the Rasmussen poll came out that they suddenly realized that this race was not a foregone conclusion and they needed to get busy. Public Policy Polling took a poll this weekend and reports that it is Brown 48 and Coakley 47.

Sensing this was the case, the Massachusetts Democrats finally got so worried that they decided to adopt a plan B just in case Scott Brown won which was clearly becoming a very distinct possibility. Since they cannot pass their health care bill if Brown wins, the place holding Democrat Senator, Paul Kirk, announced that he would continue to provide the 60th vote even if Scott Brown won. See
Scott Brown swearing-in would be stalled to pass health-care reform for the details. Not even the bumbling Republicans would be so stupid as to announce such an end run. Some idiot in the Massachusetts Secretary of State's office actually opined that it would take a month before the results of the election could be certified and by that time Obama care would be a done deal.

The voters of Massachusetts are obviously willing to put up with a lot but this one really takes the cake. Everything in this election depends upon how well the independents turn out. They are running three to one for Brown. If this "let them eat cake" attitude on the part of the Massachusetts Democrat machine does not get those independents to turn out and take that machine down a whole bunch of notches, then nothing else ever will.