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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Second American Revolution

From The Marston Chronicles

The first American Revolution began with the "shot heard around the world". The second one will begin on January 19th when those same folks in Massachusetts cast their ballots and elect Scott Brown to the United States Senate. This will be the biggest political upset in this century so far and quite a ways back into the last century. It may not be heard around the world, but it sure will be heard around this country. Massachusetts electing a Republican to fill the seat vacated by the death of Ted Kennedy will electrify the political landscape in this country. It will also cause the Obama/Reid/Pelosi agenda to come to a screeching halt as the Democrats in the red states see themselves going up in flames if they keep voting for socialism.

As you know, we have been beating the drums for Scott Brown for quite a while; indeed, we were doing that before other websites decided to follow our lead. Our reason for doing this was because we saw a real opportunity where the conventional wisdom saw none. This opportunity arose because this is a special election in January in Massachusetts. In a regular election with a boatload of other Democrats on the ballot motivating more people to vote, Scott Brown would be toast. The second reason is that Scott Brown is a dream come true for a candidate. He is the real deal and the voters of Massachusetts sense this. A couple of comments we read about his latest ad done in his kitchen was that all the stuff on his refrigerator reminded them of their own refrigerator. That, folks, is called connecting with the common people. He is "one of us" sells extremely well in politics.

The third reason was the atmosphere in the country due to the Democrats trying to jam an unpopular health care bill down our throats by hook or by crook. Calling people who objected Nazis and racists did not help the Democratic cause any. Having spent the first 18 years of our life in Massachusetts, we were well aware that even in the most Democratic state in the union, this would not set well with the voters. Given an election where support for and against the health care bill was so clearly defined between the two candidates, we felt those opposed would turn out in droves and those for it would stay home. We also felt that if we could get the Conservative activists on board and contributing heavily, this race could be won.

At first we were way out on a limb with this, but finally by non-stop writing and posting on every conservative site, we finally got the activists motivated and working on what many considered would take a miracle to pull off. Everything turned serious when the Rasmussen poll showed Brown only down two points among committed voters. UPDATE: New Rasmussen poll shows Brown ahead by two among committed voters. That was followed by the PPP poll showing him one point ahead. Suddenly the rest of the Conservative base caught on and the Republican choo-choo started rolling down the tracks headed for a head on collision with the Democratic one. The fact that Coakley was just coasting along expected to be elected in a landslide opened the door for a huge upset. For once the national Republican party was smart and kept under the radar while pouring resources into the race. If you think the Scott Brown folks came up with that JFK ad, think again.

How about the fact that the Democrats finally woke up and realized they need to get their butts in gear? When they did wake up, they decided on a plan B of not certifying Scott until after the health care bill was a done deal. That is what we call a tipping point in politics, my friends. You might well adopt such a strategy, but you do not announce it to the whole world. That reminded the independent voters of how sleazy the Democratic machine in Massachusetts is and really pissed them off. Now they will also turn out and vote for Scott by over a 2 to 1 margin. That was all she wrote folks. Combine that with the 1.3 million dollars Scott raised yesterday (mostly from out of state) so he can hold his own in the ad wars, and he is now an odds on bet. Remember that you heard that first here folks.