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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Post-Dispatch Editor's Note Admits Limbaugh Quote "Cannot Be Verified'

NBC Sports issues a report showing that the first paper to claim that Rush Limbaugh said slavery "had it's merits, has now issued a retraction, claiming they cannot verify that the quote was ever uttered by Rush Limbaugh.

A quote in Bryan Burwell's column Oct. 7 attributed to Rush Limbaugh about the merits of slavery in the United States cannot be verified, and its use did not meet the Post-Dispatch's standards for sourcing.

From NBC Sports:

As you know, we've never contended that Limbaugh uttered the words that have been attributed to him by Huberman. Unless and until Huberman identifies a compelling source, there is absolutely no evidence that Limbaugh uttered the words.

In our view, Huberman should not be permitted to hide behind legal advice. He needs to either identify a source or publicly admit that the quote is false. Until Huberman (or anyone else) identifies a compelling source, we will assume that the quote is false, and that Limbaugh is telling the truth.

Funny, but one would think NBC Sports as well as the original paper and all the others that repeated those quotes, would have tried to actually verify those quotes before originally publishing hearsay.