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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Government Run Health Plan Already Rationing Care

Right now, there are hundreds of patients with a fatal disease being denied lifesaving treatment as a result of government health care rationing. This isn’t happening in a third-world country, or Canada, but right here in the United States of America.

The Advocate reports that their is already a government run healthcare plan and it is already rationing care for HIV/AIDS patients.

The disease is HIV/AIDS and the public program is the Ryan White CARE Act.

The federal government will spend $15 billion on AIDS treatment alone this year, yet due to the inefficiencies of the public-run program, thousands will not receive appropriate care. In recent years, two patients in West Virginia and five in Kentucky died while awaiting care on waiting lists for the RWCA AIDS Drug Assistance Program. Today there are 247 Americans on waiting lists for livesaving AIDS drugs in eight states. The number is expected to reach 500 by Christmas. Those on the ADAP waiting lists are disproportionately minorities and residents of rural areas.

Sadly, the waiting lists do not tell the whole story of how care is being rationed under this program. Many other ADAP patients, while receiving care, are being denied the best treatment. Fuzeon, the AIDS drug of last resort that has been successful in treating patients who no longer benefit from other drugs, for example, has been denied to ADAP patients in our nation’s capital.

Does anyone truly believe that a universal government run healthcare plan (Obamacare) will be run any differently than the government plans are at present?

If so, I have this bridge in Brooklyn and some swampland in Florida to sell... any takers?