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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

McDonnell Leads Deeds By Double Digits

Wapo reports:

Republican Robert F. McDonnell carries a double-digit lead over Democrat R. Creigh Deeds in the final week of the campaign for Virginia governor, according to a new Washington Post poll.

The Republican, briefly buffeted in the polls by voters' initial reaction to the publication of his 1989 graduate school thesis, has rebounded to big advantages on the top issues, particularly taxes, and is now seen as the more effective leader, more honest and more empathetic.

McDonnell is also buoyed by support outside Northern Virginia, where he is outperforming all other top-of-the-ticket Republican candidates this decade. Statewide, McDonnell leads Deeds among likely voters by 55 to 44 percent. McDonnell, who narrowly defeated Deeds in the race for attorney general four years ago, has been above 50 percent among likely voters in all four Post polls in the campaign.

Whether Virginia is a referendum on Barack Obama or not, is up in the air and a matter of interpretation. Some believe it is, some do not.

Personally I believe one race here and there will not tell the story, the 2010 elections will.

Democrats are expected to take double digit losses in the House, some losses are a normal given to the party in power, but if Republicans do take as many seats as handicappers are predicting, then folks, you will have your referendum on Barack Obama and the Democratic leadership of the House and Senate.

Until then, no matter who wins or loses the individual races, it is guaranteed to be spun one way or another across the blogosphere.