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Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Infighting Left

Looks like Barack Obama is not only alienating Independents and the few moderate Republicans he had support from, but now he is angering the left, his own far left base to be exact.

FireDoglake, pretty much as left as it gets:

Apparently, demanding that someone at least attempts to keep his promises is an unacceptable slight, according to a cowardly anonymous “senior White House 0fficial.”

We have had just about enough of his gratuitous slaps,” said a senior White House official Friday, calling the politically charged language “outrageous and unacceptable” from an ally — even from one that had, the official noted, devoted substantial resources to health care efforts.

“He’s doing his members a real disservice,” said the official, who said that while all other labor leaders had been careful to keep their opposition to elements of health care proposals modulated and largely inside the tent, McEntee was “beyond the pale.”

That’s interesting because the progressive community thinks Obama’s broken promises and secret deals are the real gratuitous slaps. Having a top progressive reform priority, allowing Medicare to save billions by directly negotiating drug prices, sacrificed in a backroom deal for campaign ads from PhRMA is beyond the pale.

DailyKos, even more left, if possible than FDL:

The fierce response from a White House determined to keep allies in line...

...but not Democratic Senators, who continue to imply coyly that they'll vote "no" on cloture if the bill actually helps someone.

F you, boys.

"Allies" don't pass this thing. Senators do. Keeping "allies" in line is about keeping up appearances. Keeping Senators in line is about getting results.

Now, you could certainly argue that you use the soft touch with Senators, since they're a prickly bunch. But what does a hard line with "allies" get you, really? What's "unity" worth, exactly? What's it good for?

When you lose your base, you have lost the game.

2010 elections promise to be very interesting.