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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Democratic strategist preemptively blames 'liberal whiners' for 2010 losses

The Washington Examiner:

"Harry Reid abdicates his leadership role," reads the headline at the lefty Daily Kos Web site. "Why Joe Biden should resign," reads the headline at the Huffington Post. "Whiner in Chief," reads the headline at The Nation, referring to President Obama.

Self-styled progressives across the country are angry, not just at Obama, but at the rest of the Democratic power structure, as well. That anger is causing an ugly split inside the Washington Democratic world.

"Can I speak freely about the liberal whiners?" asks a well-connected Democratic strategist. "These are the same people who have never participated in, much less won, a campaign, who have no idea what it takes to maintain a majority and keep a speaker of our party, who want Obama to kowtow to the loony Left, and then they're going to be the ones who say, 'What happened?' in November 2010, when we lose the House and possibly the Senate and maybe a lot of governorships."

The White House, too, is growing sick of the whiners. NBC's John Harwood recently reported that Team Obama views the complainers as part of the "Internet Left fringe," and that one White House adviser said, "Those bloggers need to take off their pajamas, get dressed and realize that governing a closely dividedcountry is complicated and difficult."

The Washington Examiner quotes recent headlines across the liberal blogosphere, from DailyKos to Huffington Post and rightly points out that the level of dissatisfaction
on the left is not only from the far left liberal "internet fringe", but rather, across the board as they state "Recent Gallup polling shows that Congress' job approval among Democrats plunged in September, from 54 percent to 36 percent -- an 18-point drop in the course of a single month.

There simply can't be that many people in pajamas. Mainstream, non-progressive, non-pajama Democrats are now decidedly unhappy with the performance of their leaders in Congress."

Read the whole thing.

In 2010, no matter how many seats the GOP take in Congress, each and every one of them will be blamed on the far left liberals that seem to be working against their own party and Democratic strategists are already laying the groundwork for the White House to point fingers and say "look what you have done."