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Thursday, October 29, 2009

New York! (upstate upset?)

Just so you know, the Tea Baggers have brought forth the first, in many battles to come. Now you have a Conservative, Doug Hoffman, duking it out with a Republican! Newt and Sarah, as well as others are backing Hoffman. Of course you know where I go! Hoffman! Dede Scozzafava, seems to be another RINO. ( opinionated, and opinions differ, read her bio, boring, well, just read this..)

There is a Democrat running though....Bill Owens. This is going to be interesting! Even if Hoffman loses, The Tea Parties are not a factor to take lightly!

The polls are all over the place, most put the Dem down a bit, others are confusing. Depends on which, if any you trust.

All I have to say, even getting this far, is a Major Victory for Conservatism! People are Fed up!

Y'all ready for a fight or several? 2010 is closer than you think!

A Tea Party near you! :wink: