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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Call to Action: Vets on the Hill: Afghanistan

Another email, this time from Pete Hegseth, chairman of Vets For Freedom, sending out a call for action.

Sign Up to Show Up on November 5th in Washington, DC

Dear Vets for Freedom members:

Last year, Vets for Freedom brought hundreds of veterans to Capitol Hill to support General Petraeus and the Iraq Surge. The result, our commanders and troops on the battlefield got the resources they needed, and we're winning the war in Iraq.

Now, we must do the same for the troops in Afghanistan!

This is another call to action. We are asking every Afghanistan veteran, and other veterans, who believe in defeating America's enemies to converge on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC on Thursday, November 5. It's time for the warfighters to tell their representatives--face to face--to give the Commanders what they need.

CLICK HERE to SIGN UP to join us in Washington, DC on November 5th! The sooner you sign up, the sooner we can schedule meetings for you!

We all hope that President Obama makes the right decision, by heeding the advice of his commanders and "surging" in Afghanistan. But in order to ensure he does--and shore up support for a troop increase in Congress--it is important to make our voices heard.

We will meet with Republicans and Democrats alike, making the case for a properly resourced counterinsurgency campaign, that allows the U.S. to defeat the Taliban and Al Qaeda, complete the mission, and bring the troops home in victory.

SIGN UP NOW! More details are provided on the sign up page.

If you can't make it to Washington, PLEASE CLICK HERE TO DONATE. We hope to raise enough money--from the supporters of Vets for Freedom--to ensure that everyone who makes the trip is reimbursed at some level. Every dollar donated to Vets for Freedom between now and November 5 will go directly to covering travel costs of veterans.

Lastly, please forward this email to everyone you know. Post it on your blog. Print it out and hand it out to friends. Get the word out, so we can get as many veterans on Capitol Hill as possible.

This is our mission. This is our moment. Join Vets for Freedom on Capitol Hill and do your part to support our commanders and troops in Afghanistan.

See you on the 5th!

Pete Hegseth
Vets for Freedom, Chairman and Executive Director

He is asking bloggers and the media to help him spread the word to our readers.

So, if you blog, please pass this around. If you are a veteran of Iraq or Afghanistan, then contact Vets for Freedom and if you are simply a concerned citizen that wants to help, then donate if you can.

Contact Info for Pete.

Pete Hegseth | Chairman
Vets for Freedom
Cell: 706.573.1511
Office: 202.338.4070