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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

VIDEOS of Fox Having A Field Day With Obama's 'War On Fox'

Video clips below show how Bill 'O'Rielly, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and others are having a field day with Team Obama's self declared war on Fox.

Bill O'Reilly -- Barack Obama's "War On FOX" News

Bill O'Reilly & Bernie Goldberg Discuss the Barack Obama "War On FOX" News

Glenn Beck - Obama Goes To War With Fox News And Freedom Of Speech

Sean Hannity & Dick Morris Discuss Barack Obama's War on FOX News, Health Care

Brit Hume Commentary -- Barack Obama's War on FOX News Failing

Special Report -- Latest on Barack Obama's War on FOX News

The video footage goes on and on, so if this "war on Fox" was meant to be some kind of containment strategy as some believe, it has failed miserably and has backfired spectacularly.

This seems so obviously correct that I feel embarrassed for not having figured it out sooner.

The rationale of the White House offensive against Fox News has been a topic of much puzzlement lately. Is this just the White House lashing out? Are they trying to rally the base?

But I think Mike Allen and Josh Gerstein nail the real explanation in their story today: The White House is working to prevent stories born on Fox from crossing over into more widely-viewed media. Most Americans still haven’t heard of Van Jones, for instance; and the strategy is now all about containment…

Ratings for Fox have gone up, other reporters from other organizations have taken issue with the Obama administrations attempt to stifle news and journalists and have started speaking out against them and people that have spoken against Fox are now watching and stepping into the fray.

So far, Fox seems to be winning the war that Obama has declared on Fox and Team Obama have no one to blame but themselves for attempting to once again "control the news."