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Monday, October 19, 2009

Slitting Their Own Throats

Yesterday I posted about liberal infighting and today progressives take it to a new level with the infighting among the far left and the moderate and conservative left.

The video below is from the The Progressive Change Campaign Committee.

Now the purpose of the ad is to push Reid on the "public option" portion of Obamacare, the one that White House officials have publicly stated is not mandatory to healthcare reform, but the far left insist on having in the final bill.

The problem the far left seems to completely ignore is that Harry Reid already trails his Republican challengers for the next election and this type of ad certainly won't help him get reelected.

They are fighting a battle of now for what they want, completely forgetting, or simply not having any long term sight, for how they are harming their own party in the long run.

H/T Huffington Post.