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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wapo Skewers Poll Results To Give Liberals Talking Points

The Washington Post provides the left with talking points claiming that public support for the "public option" is rising, but what Wapo and the liberals running with the spin, neglects to mention, is the samples used in that poll.

Hot Air digs into the actual numbers and surprise surprise, Wapo uses 13 percent more Democrats in their polling than they do Republicans.

The sampling comprises 33% Democrats, as opposed to only 20% Republicans. That thirteen-point spread is two points larger than their September polling, at 32%/21%. More tellingly, it’s significantly larger than their Election Day sample, which included 35% Democrats to 26% Republicans for a gap of nine points, about a third smaller than the gap in this poll. Of course, that’s when they were more concerned about accuracy over political points of view.

Now go take a look at the posts from the liberal blogosphere and count up how many of them actually come clean to their readers about the sampling numbers.

So far, I count 0.

If you do find any that dare to tell their readers the truth, please leave the url in the comments and I will update this with a link to any that were courageous enough to be honest with their readers.