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Friday, October 30, 2009

Obamacare Chalk Full Of Taxes

ATR has gone through the massive 1,990 page H.R. 3962, the "Affordable Health Care for America Act" and found 13 tax hikes hidden in the Obamacare bill.

The list includes Employer Mandate Excise Tax (Page 275), Individual Mandate Surtax (Page 296), Medicine Cabinet Tax (Page 324), Cap on FSAs (Page 325), Increased Additional Tax on Non-Qualified HSA Distributions (Page 326), Denial of Tax Deduction for Employer Health Plans Coordinating with Medicare Part D (Page 327), Surtax on Individuals and Small Businesses (Page 336), Excise Tax on Medical Devices (Page 339), Corporate 1099-MISC Information Reporting (Page 344), Delay in Worldwide Allocation of Interest (Page 345), Limitation on Tax Treaty Benefits for Certain Payments (Page 346), Codification of the “Economic Substance Doctrine” (Page 349), Application of “More Likely Than Not” Rule (Page 357).

ATR lists description of each of these tax hikes. Go look for yourself.