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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Hoffman Trounces Scozzafava In polls- Scozzafava Quits

Public Policy Polling showed Doug Hoffman with a 45 percent to 17 percent lead on Dede Scozzafava in the NY-23 poll, and immediately after the results were published, Scozzafava quit the race.

Hot Air notes:

....According to the poll, Hoffman had attracted 50% of the Republican vote, while Owens had 2/3rds of the Democrats. Hoffman leads Owens among independents, 40%-35%, and the remaining 15% supporting Scozzafava will almost certainly break more towards Hoffman than Owens. Owens will likely get more of Scozzafava’s Democratic supporters, but she only had 11%, while 14% have already gone to Hoffman. Hoffman and Owens had a near-even split of the opposition in Scozzafava’s regional stronghold of Jefferson/Lewis/St. Lawrence counties, but I’d be surprised if Hoffman didn’t pick up more in those areas of disaffected Scozzafava voters, too.

Hoffman now has the default Republican endorsement with Scozzafava’s retreat, as well as all of the late momentum.

The blogosphere is all atwitter.. see for yourself.