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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Zogby Poll Shows John McCain Ahead Of Barack Obama, Rasmussen Shows A Tie

[Update] Gallup confirms, McCain showing a 3 point lead over Obama.

With the the full effects of the convention bounces just days away, Zogby International shows the McCain/Palin ticket receiving 49.7 percent of the support, with 45.9 percent going to the Obama/Biden ticket.
According to pollster John Zogby, Sarah Palin is "clearly" helping the McCain ticket.

McCain holds a 57 percent favorable rating among likely voters, which is up from 50 percent last week. McCain's favorable ratings among Independents has jumped from 49 percent last week to 61 percent now.

Barack Obama holds a 49 percent favorable rating with 50 percent holding a negative impression of him.

Among vice presidential candidates, GOP running mate, Sarah Palin holds a 54 percent favorable rating and the Democratic running mate Joe Biden holds a 49 percent favorable rating. Palin's unfavorabe rating is at 42 percent and Biden is at 47 percent.

Pollster John Zogby: "Clearly, Palin is helping the McCain ticket. She has high favorability numbers, and has unified the Republican Party. The striking thing here in this poll is that McCain has pulled ahead among Catholics by double-digits. On the other hand, Palin is not helping with likely voting women who are not aligned with either political party. The undecided independent women voters decreased this week from 15% to 7%, but those women went to Obama. Palin is also helping among men, conservatives, notably with suburban and rural voters, and with frequent Wal-Mart shoppers, who tend to be "values" voters who like a good value for their money."

Rasmussen's report for September 7, 2008 has just been released as well.

Rasmussen shows Barack Obama peaked from the Democratic convention last Tuesday with a 6 point lead, while today that is completely gone and Rasmussen shows the candidates tied at 46 percent and when leaners are included, both candidates receive 48 percent.

The report explains Rasmussen runs a three day average rolling poll, which means the full results of the Republican convention with be on Monday, when the completed interviews all include McCain's speech.

Rasmussen reports that as of Tuesday or Wednesday the full effects of both conventions will be fairly clear.

McCain leads in support among men and Obama leads in support among women, this report by Rasmussen confirms Zogby's findings that both McCain and Palin hold higher favorable ratings with McCain at 58 percent and Obama holding 56 and for Palin the favorable rating is at 58 percent while Biden holds a 48 percent favorable rating.

Forty-two percent (42%) of voters say that economic issues are most important this year and Obama holds a 34-point advantage among these voters.

Twenty-four percent (24%) of voters say the national security issues are most important. Among these voters its McCain by 39.

The Republican hopeful also leads by wide margins among those who consider fiscal issues or cultural issues most important. Obama leads among those primarily interested in domestic programs such as Social Security and health care.

While these Rasmussen numbers do not include full interviews conducted after John McCain's speech, this report does indicate these interviews were conducted after Palin's speech on Wednesday.