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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Alaska National Guard Commander: Palin Goes 'Above and Beyond' Her Duty For Guard

Video below compliments of Amy Proctor from Bottom Line up Front.

Major General Craig Campbell, the Commander of the Alaska National Guard says that Sarah Palin takes her duties as Commander in Chief of the National Guard seriously and goes "above and beyond" her duties as Governor, on behalf of the troops.
Major General Campbell has know Governor Sarah Palin for 12 years and in the video above he described for Greta Van Susteren the duties a Governor of state has and the abilities Palin has shown in her position as Commander in Chief of her state's National Guard.

Campbell says the National Guard, in Alaska and in all states is run by the Governor of the state and he asserts "Governor Palin does it great".

When Susteren questioned the Commander about Palin's trip to Kuwait a year ago to visit the members of the Alaskan Nation Guard, he said that after being sworn in as Governor, Palin made it a priority to go see the troops in field.

He went on to explain that the "key result" of Palin's trip when she returned she brought ideas about what soldiers desires were and family needs and implemented those ideas into law the following year.

He goes on to say "that is what a Commander in Chief does, take care of soldiers and take care of airmen and she does it exceptionally well."

When asked if she handles the job any differently than previous Governors have done, he says she has gone above and beyond what a Governor would do.

Also discussed is the actions she took immediately upon the request of Governor Bobby Jindal from Louisiana, to implement the Alaska National Guard to help with hurricane Gustav, by signing an executive order to help by sending troops and equipment to assist in Louisiana.

So much for idiots and their "training wheels" comments. They just don't get it yet. Her experience far overcomes Obama's lack thereof.