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Monday, April 28, 2008

31 out of 53 teenage FLDS girls pregnant or already had babies

The pervasive pattern of underage marriages and teen pregnancies that originally gave Texas Child Protective Services (CPS) the grounds to remove 463 children from the Yearning For Zion Ranch in Texas, has just been highlighted with the news that out of 53 female teenagers among those children removed, 31 of them are pregnant or have already had children.

Despite all the rhetoric from the mothers about the children not being abused at the FLDS compound, this disturbing pattern shows massive abuse of underage girls that were "spiritually" married to older men and then sexually abused, on a consistent basis and with the mothers doing nothing to stop this abuse.

All 463 children have been placed in temporary foster care, most at large facilities to keep as many of them together as possible.

Given these latest numbers about the child abuse that ran rampant at the ranch, the likelihood of those children being returned to that home, is dwindling as more news and tests come out.

From the raid to the initial 2 day hearing that came afterward, in which Judge Barbara Walthers gave the state 60 days temporary custody and ordered DNA testing off all the children and some adults (some adults did not provide samples for testing), we have reported on this.

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