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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Firefighters Battle Blazes in Three States

It is that time of year again and firefighters are battling wildfires in Nevada, Arizona and California today.

In Reno, Nevada, 350 plus firefighters are battling a 1,200-acre blaze that officials say is 50 percent contained, has seen major wind gusts cause approximately a dozen firefighters to be treated by paramedics after dirt, ashes and cinders were blown into their faces, 5 of which were brought to the hospital.

In Arizona, on the edge of the Grand Canyon National Park, firefighters are seeing some progress in their battles against a 2,000-acre wildfire.

The X fire has burned an estimated 3.1 square miles, or 2,000 acres, of ponderosa pine about three miles south of the Grand Canyon National Park boundary.

As of Wednesday morning, there was zero percent containment, but Denk says that may change as crews assess the work.

The blaze was spotted just after noon Tuesday and rapidly grew, with very erratic fire activity.

No injuries reported there.

In California, firefighters are still battling a blaze that they have been fighting since Saturday, which saw over 1,000 evacuated from their homes, to which they have since returned to. The public schools in Sierra Madre have also reopened.