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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Why Are We Not Seeing This Horrific Murder Story in the Main Stream Media?

Two University of Tennessee students were tortured, raped, and murdered last year in a case that by all rights should be drawing international attention for the brutality involved. You probably haven't heard about it because the main stream media refuses to carry it.

It has been almost a year since I first sat down to write about Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom in a piece I called "A Call for Justice." It's been almost 18 months since the story first broke, and I, a Tennessean, living in the same state, albeit at the other end of the state from where the tragedy took place, didn't hear about it for almost six months.


Because it's not being covered outside of Knoxville. To give credit where it is due, FOXNews and CBS did run pieces on it; brief pieces, but it was reported by them. No other major network media outlet has touched it.

They don't consider this to be newsworthy:

Childress says Channon Christian's Toyota 4-Runner was located after her father, Gary Christian, contacted the family's cell phone provider. The cell phone company then determined where the closest cell tower was located, and thus, were able to find Christian's car.

Officer Childress says he went to Lemaricus Davidson's residence on Chipman to serve outstanding warrants on the recently released convicted felon, after Davidson's fingerprint was found inside Channon Christian's recovered 4-runner.

He found the front door ajar, and after entering the house, he found a body inside a large trash can in the home's kitchen. At this point, he summoned the Medical Examiner's Office. The body was later identified as that of Channon Christian.

And that's barely the tip of the iceberg. Both Christian and Newsom were beaten, raped, and murdered. Newsom reportedly also had suffered the loss of his genitalia before his death. (Email subscribers click here for Michael Savage's commentary.)

Personally, I fail to see how the abductions, brutal and horrific torture, and murders of two young college students can be anything BUT newsworthy.

Now that the trials have finally begun, the main stream (dinosaur drive-by) media still refuses to cover the story. And the testimony that is coming out now during the accessory trial of Eric Boyd is just as shocking as the initial reports that came out when the story first was being broken.

Former Lemaricus Davidson girlfriend Daphne Sutton testified that Letalvis Cobbins forced Channon Christian to shoot and kill Christopher Newsom on Monday, January 8, 2007.

Sutton also testified that she knew about Newsom's murder a day before Channon Christian's body was found.

Sutton admitted that she lied to investigators when she told them the last time she had seen Davidson was Sunday night. She also testified that she knew at the time she began dating Davidson that he supported himself by robbing people.

Where is the outrage? Where are the protests? Where are the outcries of the public that they have had enough of the violence and they demand that this type of thing be eradicated? Of course it's hard to rally anyone together when there is no story being delivered by the media outside the town where the incident happened.

One can only conclude that if the main stream media is ignoring this story, there are others that are equally as graphic and chilling that are being covered up, in favor of more "politically correct" pieces.

At least those are my thoughts, what are yours?

Once and Always, an American Fighting Man