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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Battle Rages on For Obama and Clinton After Pennsylvania


With Hillary Clinton winning the Pennsylvania primaries with a double digit win, it assures the Democratic party that the bitter contest between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton will continue, with no real end in sight.

The nightmare scenario that worried Democratic leaders for months, which many have stated publicly, has come to pass.

Clinton comes one step closer to the popular vote and Obama still leads in delegates.

A New York Times piece blames Clinton for negative campaign advertising and she responds on the Today Show, where she was also asked about the exit polls which showed that 67 percent of Pennsylvania voters think she attacked Barack Obama unfairly...yet, she points out quite correctly that 55 percent of the voters voted for her anyway. (H/T Hot Air)

What this shows is that right or wrong, for Hillary Clinton, negativity has worked in Pennsylvania, although using a candidates own words against him, pointing out the flaws of your opposition and pointing out their inexperience, for some could be called just smart campaigning and not negativity.

Which puts Barack Obama in a bind.

He has made it a cornerstone of his public statements to say he wants to change politics, he doesn't intend to go negative and he refuses to "play" the Washington game.

He has played it up to a point, but he has also made many missteps along the way, which are pointed out time and again by many, especially Hillary Clinton.

In one article at Washington Post, it seems that some also believe Obama needs to take the gloves off and keep them off, as they titled their piece, and some question if it is already too late to save the Democratic party from becoming any more fractured than it has already become between Clinton and Obama supporters.

Next stop? May.

In May,Saturday the 3rd in Guam, Tuesday the 6th, Indiana and North Carolina, Tuesday the 13th, West Virginia and and Tuesday the 20th, Kentucky and Oregon, according to the New York Times Democratic Primary Schedule.