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Thursday, April 17, 2008

No One Really Impressed With the Democratic Debate

Here is the transcript as well as some initial reactions and I will have my own commentary after having time to read the whole thing.

Andrew Sullivan thinks the big winner from the Democratic debate in Philadelphia, was John Mccain.

Marc Ambinder has his scorecard of the debate.

The Daily Dish describes it as a lifeless exhausted performance by Barack Obama.

Huffington Post
calls it a "shameful" night for the U.S. media.

American Prospect says the questions were a "disgrace".

The Corner
thinks leftwing bloggers must be furious with the debate and from the reactions from the left so far, that appears accurate.

Another The Corner piece thinks McCain won by a landslide which matches the original Andrew Sullivan analysis, which means this had to be bad.

There are some initial reactions to the big Democratic debate tonight and tomorrow, after going through the transcript I will add a little bit as an update.