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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Marines in need of MAIL

We speak quite a bit of the sacrifice our fine military men and women make when they sign up, offer their lives to protect America and US citizens, get sent far from home and courageously serve this great country.

Family men and women are not the only ones that sacrifice and volunteer to go abroad and risk their lives, but others, with no family and no ties make the same sacrifice take the same risks to defend our country.

Robert, a friend from the Patriot Guard Riders just emailed and pointed me to Joe's Daily Thoughts, where we find that recently he asked that people send his cousin some mail and packages in Iraq to show the kid some support while he was away from home, and his cousin received an overwhelming response, to which he addresses in a thank you letter to Joe.

There are more like Joe's cousin, Marines that are getting no mail, no packages or communication with their fellow countrymen to which they are risking their lives for , so..... below I am going to list some names and an address where mail, care packages, cards, anything that readers feel like sending, can be mailed to.

From the email:

It has been brought to my attention that there are a group of US Marines based from Great Lakes Naval Base, now deployed in Iraq, who are not getting any mail. Not a note, not a love letter, not a care package has been received by them.

Retired Marine and dear friend Marty Smith has been in communication with Col. Curt Ames, USMC, and according to Col. Ames' contact in Iraq, these Marines never get any mail. I was asked to "drum up some business" for these outstanding Americans. I know that from past requests like this one, many of you have stepped up beyond anyone's imagination and delivered "big time" to our heroes overseas.

Let us show these Marines we are here for them and we support them and care and love them.

Cpl Adams, Michael D
Sgt Bleuer, Cassandra D
Cpl Calderon, Jose
Cpl Camp, Jesse S
Sgt Carson, William R
Cpl Finney, Bryan D
Cpl Greenblatt, Justin M
LCpl Larose, Katie L
Cpl Magallon, Felipe D
Cpl McFalls, Williams H
Sgt Morales, Francisco
Cpl Morris, Eric D
Cpl Salais, Zuzi E
LCpl Warda, William D
LCpl Zhevakina, Yelena S

They are all at the same address:

UIC 41126
FPO, AP, 96426-1126

It is in your hands now folks..... let us show them some love.