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Thursday, April 17, 2008

YouTube Stunt Gone Wrong Puts Two in The Hospiital

Recently cases of violence and abuse for the purpose of putting it on YouTube have come to light and now a case of stunt gone wrong, again, done for the purpose of putting the video on YouTube, leave a kid in critical condition.
Recently there have been a couple reports on Digital that has shown teenagers committing acts of violence just so it could be uploaded and showed to the world via YouTube.

6 girls beat another girl and filmed it so it could be shown on YouTube, which is a service where home videos can be uploaded to show around the Internet. Then the news came out that those girls that committed that violence in the name of YouTube "fame" would be tried as adults.

Today we see that a stunt involving a car and a high speed crash that left two teens in the hospital, was done so that a video could be shot of a teen getting all four wheels of his vehicle off the ground to be filmed on a camera phone, so that it could be shown on YouTube.

A 16-year-old boy in a 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse wanted a video of his stunt to be filmed by some friends so that it could be uploaded onto YouTube.

The Arizona teen lost control of his Eclipse and the teenager was ejected when the car struck several trees and rolled. The boy ended up in the hospital with life threatening injuries and the female passenger end up in the hospital although her injuries weren't life threatening.

The teens that were supposed to film the event for YouTube, got scared by the speed which was estimated at 70 to 85 mph and didn't film the event.

The Peoria Arizona police department, where this incident occurred is strongly advising parents all over, to sit their children down and talk with them about the extremely serious consequences resulting from these "You Tube" stunts.

Mike Tellef, a Peoria police spokesperson says, "In this case, the two injured teens are very lucky to be alive."

It seems that teens are more than anxious to get their stunts, violence or actions, caught on film to upload to YouTube and have it seen by thousands of people for popularity or fame. This is leading to unconscionable actions occurring that are causing injury to others and themselves, just for the possibility that others will see them on YouTube.

These teens were lucky, but the next "stunt" may prove to be one that has even more serious ramifications.