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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

NRCC spokesman Ken Spain: The DCCC is delusional

Patrick McCarthy is a media consultant who works for Designated Market Media and wrote the Cazayoux ad for Freedom's Watch. McCarthy used to do consulting work for the NRCC (National Republican Congressional Committee) and when creating the new Freedom's Watch which will air this week on Baton Rouge television stations and which will target Donald J. Cazayoux, the Democratic nominee to replace former congressman Richard H. Baker (R-La.), for supporting higher taxes.

So McCarthy pulled up an old ad template from his NRCC days and started writing the new ad script over it and he then saved the file and sent it to the TV stations.

The DCCC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee), being the geniuses that they are, have decided to file a complaint with the FEC (Federal Election Commission), accusing Freedom's Watch and the NRCC of illegally coordinating it's advertising.

The Democratic officials said the advertising script carried an electronic identifier that shows it originated in the Republican committee.

McCarthy calls this action on the part of the DCCC, "absurd".

"It's absurd on the face of it. They're grasping at straws if they're saying recycling an old Word document is illegal," said McCarthy, who now works at Designated Market Media.

Ken Spain who is the spokesperson for the NRCC says, "The DCCC is delusional."

Freedom's Watch was launched last summer with a focus on the Iraq war and international issues, but in recent months it has spent money on domestic issues, including a series of ads focusing on illegal immigration before a special election in Ohio. A Republican won that race and Freedom's Watch was widely credited with helping.

The ad has been released and can be found at YouTube and below.

This FEC complaint will probably go nowhere and the ads are already running, but if the DCCC wants to waste their funds on things like this, less money for them to run counter ads and such, so more power to them.