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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

SCHIP-Democrats Use Terrorist Tactics: Hiding Behind Children

Think the title is harsh? I don't.

Lets look at Hizbullah after the kidnapped Israeli Soldiers and Israel responded.

The Human Rights Council followed the OIC's direction when it decided to condemn only Israel and to ignore Hezbollah's daily barrage of rockets targeted deliberately against civilian populations in Israel as well as the Hezbollah terrorists' use of human shields to hide behind in Lebanon.

You can even see the surveillance video for yourself of them doing so.

(For those getting this from email subscription, the video doesn't show, so here is the URL: )

Another example, al-Qaeda and the Haditha incident.

In an exclusive, Defend Our Marines provided a declassified PDF file, showing that al-Qaeda deliberately hid behind innocents to guarantee they would be caught in the crossfire.

During the November Haditha battle, the insurgents secreted themselves among local civilians to guarantee pursuing Marines would catch innocent civilians in the ensuing crossfire. On January 6, 2006 six insurgents who tried to do the same thing at another location in Haditha were turned in to Coalition authorities before they could mount a similar assault, the report says.

It is well known and documented that terrorists hide behind innocent men, women and children, knowing that when those that they are attacking fight back, those innocents will get hurt, but it doesn't matter to them, because when the innocents get hurt they create a media frenzy of "look, they attacked innocent people"... usually it works too.

Now, what did the politicians do with their SCHIP bill?

They wrote a bill for a program meant to insure millions of low income families. They wrote this bill with language that by allowing separate state laws to determine eligibility to bypass the income level needed to enroll, so that families with higher income could place their children on state funded healthcare instead of using private healthcare, which in turn, take directly from the low income families that the bill was originally intended for.

One example: New Jersey

The Senate bill states: "(B) - Exception - Subparagraph (A) [the limitation of the matching rate to the Medicaid rate for children whose effective income exceeds 300 percent of the Federal poverty level] shall not apply to any State that, on the date of enactment of the Children's Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2007, has an approved State Plan Amendment or waiver to provide, or has enacted a State law to submit a State plan amendment to provide, expenditures described in such subparagraph under the State child health plan."

The Senate SCHIP bill also grandfathers in New Jersey's program at 350 percent of the Federal poverty level, which includes children in families with incomes of $72,000 a year.

Gov. Jon Corzine (D-NJ): "Corzine added that the state, which covers about 122,000 kids in its program, known as FamilyCare, 'will continue to provide health care to children in families with income up to 350 percent' of the federal poverty level – or $72,275 for a family of four. He also wrote that he is prepared to file a lawsuit challenging the new rules." (Christopher Lee, "N.J.'s Corzine to Defy New Health-Care Rules," The Washington Post, 9/14/07)

More from that Washington Post article:

Democratic Gov. Jon Corzine informed President Bush this week that New Jersey will not obey federal rules that would make it harder to enroll middle-income kids for a popular government-subsidized health insurance program.

Bad bill, deliberately set up to make it look like it is for low income families while the language of the bill allows higher income families to enroll.

So, what did the Democratic politicians decide to do to hide from that fact?

Hide behind a 12 yr old child... terrorist tactics.

They trotted this 12 yr old out, wrote a speech for him and used him as a shield to cower behind instead of fighting the issues within the bill that made it bad.

The problem is they didn't do their homework and the child [Graeme Frost] they picked to fight their battles for them ended up making the president's points for him, instead of making their points, because the childs family was one of those families with a high enough income where they could have afforded their own insurance and chose not to, instead, taking from the true low income families so that they could use the SCHIP program.

Just as the cowards they are though, as soon as the homework that should have been done by the Democratic politicians, was done by a blogger, which exposed the Frost family as one of those families that shouldn't have been on SCHIP to begin with, the left started howling.... those nasty right wingers are attacking children!!!! (See the whining from the left at memeorandum)

(Note to the Democrats and unhinged: No one is attacking the child, we are reaching over him to smack you in the head for using him as a shield...idiots, as well as pointing out how, by using him, you actually proved everything the president said about the badly written bill)

Wow.... sounding more and more like what Hizbullah howled when innocents died in the crossfire after firing rockets into Israel, then hiding behind innocents so that when Isreal fired back, civilians died.

Just like al-Qaeda secreted themselves among local civilians to guarantee pursuing Marines would catch innocent civilians in the ensuing crossfire.

The Democrats and far, left, liberal unhinged bloggers didn't cause any deaths as Hizbullah and al-Qaeda did, but they do continue to hide behind a 12 yr old child and his family to protect a poorly written bill... terrorist tactics and it is disgusting to watch them do it.

They have taken the use of innocent children as a human shields, directly from the terrorists playbook and by doing so they have opened themselves up for that comparison.

They claim to "care"about the children and yet they use them as human shields to protect themselves.

Wonder what they would do if they didn't "care"so much.

I shudder at the thought.

(Additional thought here: People need to remember it was the Democrats that put the spotlight on this Frost family, not the Republicans....we never would have even heard of their name had it not been for the Democratic politicians hiding behind a 12 yr old child.)

[Update] Captain's Quarters points out that the Representative from Michigan, Tim Walberg, shows us another huge problem with SCHIP that hasn't been addressed in the poorly written new SCHIP bill:

In 2006, 118,501 children and 101,919 adults in Michigan received health care from the S-CHIP program. Incredibly, this means that 46 percent of Michigan’s funding allotment intended to give poor children health insurance actually went to cover adults.


It is unfathomable to think that Democrats want to expand a program that currently does not meet the full objective of covering poor children, and expand it to try to insure single adults. I’m not sure what part of “children’s health care” liberals in Congress do not understand. [End Update]

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